MUA Blush – Candyfloss 

So I had to do a quick review on this beauty. MUA have done no wrong since I discovered them a few months ago. After picking this bad boy up as well, it’s just increased my love for them!

This is the first blush I’ve tried by MUA! It costs £3 – a complete bargain! Why wouldn’t you try it for that price?! For 2.4g, it’s a steal! And if I’ve calculated correctly, it’s £17.50 cheaper per 10g than MAC!


This blush is extremely pigmented!  You do need to be careful when dipping your brush into this, the pigmentation will surprise you! I was worried that it’d be a light wash of colour, but it really was impressive! I know in that photo, you can see specks of glitter, but they really aren’t noticeable on your cheek. They give you a really subtle highlight!

I’m super excited to purchase more shades of these blushes, I actually find myself reaching for this more than my MAC blushes at the moment! Give this a try, you can’t go wrong for £3, and I’m 100% sure you’ll be reaching for it more than you realise!


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