My Sunday Morning Routine

   So I thought I’d let you in on my regular Sunday morning routine. We all know Sunday’s are made for lazing, so that means no makeup day! YAY! As much as I love makeup, it literally makes me cringe when I can’t have at least one day a week with nothing on my face, I can feel it shouting at me to give it a break!  The first thing I do every morning, not just a Sunday, is make myself a green tea! Loose leaf only, I find the bagged green tea tastes funny! So I make myself a cup of that (cup from Dunelm!), and then I pour the boiling water from the kettle into a big bowl. Going back to my room then, I’ll give my face a quick wipe over with either Lush Cosmetics Eau Roma Water or Breath of Fresh Air toner just to wake me up.    Then I drop one of these bad boys into the boiling water I brought up. It’s Lush’s Dream Steam tab, they cost £2.50 per tab, and you just drop one into boiling water, and put your face over the bowl for a little steam session! It smells amazing, it has rose petals in it, and once it’s cooled, you can put it in the fridge for 2-3 days and use as a toner!      I was then feeling incredibly lazy, I couldn’t be arsed to go downstairs and grab a fresh face mask out the fridge, so I had the brilliant idea of smearing Ultrabland over my face as a little mask. If you’ve used this, you know that this is incredibly soft and moisturising. I have reviewed it previously, and I said there that the only downside was how oily it was and how hard it was to remove. But I whacked it on anyway. Then jumped into the shower to have a freshen up and wash off my ‘mask.’ Washing it off was fine. It was when I tried to get out the shower and went arse over tit because the Ultrabland had made my shower floor ridiculously slippy! So after a pulled muscle and a quick drying off, I went to have a quick wipe over to tone my face and remove any excess Ultrabland I’d missed!   I’ve been using this Balance Me trial size eye cream lately. Only because it sits really well under my makeup, and I haven’t found a decent eye cream that does that yet! Any suggestions, y’all let me know! I don’t think it’s done anything to improve my dark circles or wrinkles! So I smooth a generous amount under my eyes!      I only bought Celestial moisturiser a week ago, and I am loving it! It just smells so fresh and soothing! I only put this on on no makeup days and every other night when I’m having a break from almond oil. It soothes my skin instantly! I then finish off with another quick spritz of my toner water, you can tell I’m obsessed with hydration!  I think I better just say, in no way am I being paid to do this by Lush. Thought I’d say that, as it is predominantly Lush products here. But  they are literally the only products that don’t inflame my extremely sensitive skin these days. My skin care routine, whether it be day, night, weekend or holidays, is all Lush Cosmetics. Obviously I love that I’ve found a brand that looks after my skin. But it also makes me sad that I can’t experiment with skin care as much as I used to! Any recommendations though, I’m all ears! Thanks guys!


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