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Tropic Skincare Ambassador!

Yup! You guys are looking at a Tropic Skincare Ambassador! If you read my blog regularly, you know how much I'm in love with natural, organic products that really improve my sensitive skin! The ingredients in all these products are completely natural! I'm so in love! I'm available for any queries, plus I'll be doing… Continue reading Tropic Skincare Ambassador!

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Lush Cosmetics Moisturiser – Vanishing Cream

I bought this around 2 months ago now. I was looking for something to go under my makeup everyday. All my skincare was natural, apart from my day time moisturiser as I couldn't find something suitable, that didn't ruin my makeup! Lush say that Vanishing Cream "disappears into the skin, leaving nothing behind except beautifully… Continue reading Lush Cosmetics Moisturiser – Vanishing Cream