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Lush Cosmetics Fresh Face Mask – The Sacred Truth

   Hi guys! So I finally got round to exchanging five of my million empties last weekend, and ended up choosing The Sacred Truth. I thought I’d never seen it before, and after some snooping, I think it was discontinued for a while around Christmas time? Well, now it’s back!  I chose this face mask, purely because I saw it had green tea in it! I love green tea! I drink around 4 cups of it everyday, it’s just such a dream! And also, if it has anti-aging properties, I’m all for it! I’m so scared of getting wrinkles!    So this is what it looks like on. It smells exactly like Brazened Honey does! This time though, I really couldn’t hack it. That smell is just not my fave! Anyways, it applies so smoothly, it’s so easy to spread over your face once it’s warmed up on your fingers!  The downside to this is that when I was washing this off, you could really smell the egg in it. Like, really! I can still smell it in my bathroom now when I walk in! So be careful with that!  After washing this mask off, my skin felt so hydrated and smooth! It’s honestly the most moisturising face mask I’ve tried so far! I love it just for that! I haven’t seen anything on the brightening side. Then again, I’ve never noticed my skin look ‘brighter’ from anything I’ve used. I’ve never experienced a ‘glow.’ If you’ve ever noticed a visible glow from any skin care product you’ve used, please enlighten me!  I think this mask could be used by someone with oily skin as much as someone with dry skin! The egg whites in it tighten, whilst the Shea butter and honey will moisturise! I’m so in love with this. I swear, every time I use a new Lush face mask, I’m like ‘this is the one!’  Try this, if you’re any skin type! Just try it!


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