Grow Gorgeous Bundle

Grow Gorgeous very kindly sent me some of their products to try out – I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them – I used their build a bundle section on their website to choose my items, it was so exciting!

The first product I chose was their scalp care scrub. I’ve never used a scrub on my scalp, but I do love a super clean feeling – plus my hair gets oily so quickly! This sells for £25 alone or £17.50 as part of the build your routine & it’s a good size tub! It claims to buff away excess sebum, dirt & product buildup!

I applied this to damp hair before shampooing. Took a dollop and worked it into my scalp all over. It had such a cooling effect, also not too abrasive! It contains white willow bark (salicylic acid), which I love the thought of! I found it rinsed out so easy as well – I was worried I’d be finding grains in my hair for days afterwards!

The next product I chose was their bodifying shampoo. My hair is super flat & doesn’t hold volume at all, so every little helps! This shampoo contains, almond oil, caffeine & rice protein. 250ml is £16 or £12 when bought with the routine kit. I honestly love using this shampoo! It made my hair feel so floaty & clean, no residue or heaviness at all! It didn’t give me super volume, but I wasn’t expecting that, I just needed something that didn’t weigh me down! It hasn’t stripped my colour either (copper head), which is a bonus!

The conditioner I chose was their repair & rescue one – I’m probably killing some of you off by not choosing a matching shampoo and conditioner, & I’m so sorry for this! Haha! But I wanted to choose products where I’d see a difference. My hair is so long & definitely needs the added care on the ends as opposed to my oily roots, so this felt perfect. Again it’s £16 or £12 in the bundle. The nourishing ingredients are endless; chia oil, oat lipids complex, caffeine, peptides, Shea butter… it goes on! This is honestly my favourite find of the whole collection! The conditioner feels super thick, but applies so thinly, yet providing great moisturising coverage! I only use this on mid to ends, but I swear my hair feels so much healthier & the shine once I’ve blow dried is insane! 100% recommend this conditioner if you haven’t found your holy grail yet!

Lastly, I chose this hair growth serum. I wanted to have a complete routine for my hair as I haven’t been quite so consistent with it in the past! This is £30 or £21 in the bundle. You apply a couple drops to damp hair – the root area – and massage in. It recommends 20 drops, but my oily hair is terrified of that, so we stick to under 10 over here! It’s certainly nourishing & feels lovely, especially on the days I use the scrub. I haven’t seen much return in growth yet – but my scalp does feel cleaner & I haven’t broken out in any spots in my hair yet either!

This brand is brilliant – they’re gluten free, vegan friendly & free of parabens, sulfates etc! I’m impressed with the packaging, it looks sleek & classy in my shower. I also love that there’s a full routine available if you want it, I find hair can sometimes be forgotten about! I’d definitely recommend this brand & you’ll definitely find a product for any hair type – check them out here. Don’t forget to use code GGSALECG for extra discount (valid until 1st December).


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