ESPA Skincare Review

THG very kindly reached out and asked me if I would like to try out some of their skincare products, which I was super excited about! I chose these three products from ESPA – this brand feels so luxurious & the packaging is everything!

The first product I chose was this cleanser. It contains exfoliating particles & is suggested to be used once a day. This cleanser contains natural acids, salicylic acid (white willow bark) & bioretinol!

This cleanser definitely had a grainy feel to it – I could feel it as soon as I squeezed it onto my fingers. It came with a cleansing cloth too – a fluffy, thick, white flannel. I bloody love the cloths that come with cleansers – I only wish that someone would have the sense to make them black! I hate having my makeup marking them, especially when they feel so fluffy & look so fancy!

This cleanser has been amazing for my skin – I’ve been using it once every 2/3 days & it has done wonders for the pores on my nose – it has never looked so smooth, honestly!

The clean feel this leaves on my face is also lush. Even though it is a physical exfoliant, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. If you have sensitive skin, I would limit the use to once a week to begin with, just in case it aggravates.

My husband even stole this off me the other day – he had a break out around his nose, used this for a couple days & it cleared his skin right up! He never normally uses anything on his face, so even he was super impressed (now go buy your own, Mark!)!

The second item I chose was this Clarifying Clay Mask. I’m a sucker for clay masks, let me tell you! My all time holy grail has to be the Charcoal mask from The Body Shop here.

This clay mask contains kaolin clay to clear out any impurities & excess oil. It also has rose damascena & marshmallow to soften & soothe your skin.

I love applying this mask after cleansing & relaxing in the bath for 20 minutes while it does its magic. It really is a soothing mask. I enjoyed using this. I think this would be gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Plus the scent gives you spa vibes whilst you’re chilling in the bath – dream.

The last item I chose was the neck & decollete balm. I am very conscious of ‘taking it to the tits,’ in the wise words of Caroline Hirons! We don’t want wrinkly chests, while our faces are glowing! Before trialling this, my absolute favourite neck & chest cream was from Prai.

This balm smells insane! Honest to god, I actually enjoy applying this morning & evening straight after my shower. It has a typical spa scent to it & really is hydrating. The balm is supposed to firm up your skin, leaving it lifted, tight, supple & plump.

I have a few fine lines on my chest – I did find that this balm hasn’t really done much to reduce the look of these, however I would still incorporate this into my morning routine I think, simply for the refreshing scent & hydrating feel to it, to give me a glow for the day.

From the image above, you can see how thick & creamy this balm is. It soaks in really well too.

My overall thoughts of this brand are super positive. Firstly, from an aesthetic point of view – look how great that packaging is! It looks so good in my bathroom & I keep them all on show!

I will most definitely be repurchasing the cleanser – that has become a key staple in my shower now! I’ve also loved using the mask, the pot will last a good few months for sure! I’m still not 100% sold on the neck balm, which is disappointing as it was the one I was most looking forward too. But as I said, it gives a great glow during the day, & if you’re still young in your early 20’s, this would be a great neck & chest cream to start with!

ESPA have also very kindly given me a code to share with y’all – ESPASAVE20 – click HERE to shop! (YAY!)


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