Mio Skincare

Mio were very kind to send me a few pieces from their body care range – and I got to choose them! I absolutely love this brand! They use recyclable packaging, are vegan & use all natural fragrances!

The first item I chose was this body brush. You can use this on dry or wet skin. I chose this to use on my dry skin as I’ve heard so many positive things about dry body brushing! It helps reduce cellulite, removes dead skin cells & really gets the blood circulating round your body!

It has rubber massage nodules to help smooth & firm the skin, then the bristles to give a good exfoliation! I try to use this 2-3 times per week before showering. This brush has been brilliant – there’s been hardly any shedding of bristles & the cotton handle has held up so well too! Definitely recommend!

I chose this body wash as it sounded an absolute dream on paper – it didn’t disappoint. It’s described as eucalyptus scented, and it certainly is! It’s such a refreshing, invigorating scent, I bloody love it! The shower gel also includes coconut oil, green tea oil and lactic acid! I love the fact that it contains lactic acid as that is also a gentle exfoliation.

This body was would be perfect for y’all who suffer with ‘chicken skin,’ really rough skin usually found on your legs or tops of your arms! It’s definitely kept my husbands dry skin patches at bay too!

Lastly, I chose this body butter. I bloody love a body butter. Especially after shaving my legs. This moisturiser feels thick, but also quite airy & light. It’s so hard to explain, but it was super nourishing without being heavy & sank in pretty much right away! So impressed with this – the citrus scent also helped, I actually enjoyed applying this after my shower. This also contains lactic acid for a gentle exfoliation to get rid of any remaining dead skin cells!

Using this trio feels like a lush pamper evening for myself. It’s not a chore to use and apply this products, which is what I usually dread! The scents are so strong and linger & the brush has felt so good! I definitely recommend giving this brand a try!

You can find them either here or here – keep an eye on both for good offers!


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