Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Range

Bondi Sands very kindly sent me a few of their self-tanning items from their new ‘Pure’ range (I already owned the mitt) and I was so excited! Look how clean & fresh the packaging looks to begin with!

Before I go into each item, I’ll just break down the concept behind the Pure range. It’s Bondi’s first ever sustainable tanning range – they’ve used ethically sourced, 100% recyclable packaging. The range is sulphate, fragrance and dye free & also vegan and cruelty free! Their motto for this range is ‘every ingredient has a purpose,’ which I absolutely love! The main ingredients in all the products are:

  • Hyaluronic acid – great for hydration.
  • Vitamin C – gives skin radiance & glow, also protects against everyday pollution!
  • Vitamin E – for repair and also moisturisation.

I love all these ingredients – amazing for self-tanning products!

I’ll start with the tanning water. I got the heebie jeebies a little when I first received this, as I noticed they’d sent me the ‘dark’ shade – I am the palest person you will ever meet – almost see-through! You are not supposed to shake this bottle before application – it has a metal-free head (save the planet!) and the applicator pumps the water out to a foam…

I couldn’t really smell a ‘fake tan’ smell when applying this – I used the Bondi Sands own mitt as I already owned it, but I’m sure you can use any mitt you have to hand. I’m not really a fake tanning expert, but I found it super-easy to use and it blended in brilliantly with little to no effort – this is what it looked like when pumped out – it does say to pump directly onto your skin, so that’s what I did:

This solution dried so freaking quick! That’s the main thing I love about this tanning foam – I massaged it all into my skin, left it 5 minutes just in case, but as soon as I put my PJ’s on, I didn’t feel sticky or clammy – it didn’t feel like I had anything on my skin at all! Winner! You can leave this on 6-8 hours and it doesn’t need washing off either which is so handy. I applied this just to one leg at first so you can see the difference in colour after one application as it does say to leave it 30 minutes after the first application and you can always add another layer if you like it super dark! This was taking the morning after applying:

How smooth and blended does that look?! And it’s such a natural colour – I’m in love! It didn’t stain my sheets, but I could definitely smell a ‘fake tan’ scent by the morning as it had developed. Not the end of the world for me as I don’t actually mind a fake tan smell! I’d definitely re-use this again, especially as I can never be arsed to apply anything straight before bed – even if I forgot and slapped this on before going to sleep, it dries so quickly, I wouldn’t even notice! I moisturised morning and evening after using this, and the tan lasted a good 4-5 days – when it did start fading, it faded super evenly too, praise the lord!

This one intrigued me – a sleep mask that tans your face, dream! Again, it did scare me as I was worried how much this would develop on my pale skin. This is where the main ingredients really did it for me – I normally don’t like straying from my routine or just slapping any old product on my face as it can be spot prone, but the transparent ingredients made me feel more comfortable for sure.

I was actually a bit of a baby with this – I mixed a small amount with my evening moisturiser (Inkey List Peptide moisturiser on this particular evening) & then applied it over my face and neck down to my chest – I wanted to dilute it as it doesn’t have a ‘shade’ as such to go by on the packaging. Again, this didn’t have the fake tan scent until I woke up the next morning – it didn’t stain my pillowcases though.

I am so glad that I only used half the amount with a normal moisturiser! I definitely looked tanned and the shade did look natural, but if I’d gone the whole hog and just applied this, I could have potentially passed as Donald Trump…

This sleeping mask did make me feel hydrated and it didn’t sink into my pores at all – I was worried about this as they are quite visible on my cheeks & I didn’t want it soaking in & making them more obvious! My skin felt super-smooth and I looked healthy! Yay! It had soaked in nicely on my neck too – I don’t really have any dry patches, so I couldn’t tell you whether this would have accentuated them, but I’m going to say the hyaluronic acid that’s in this would have probably done a good job of hydrating and smoothing any patches.

I liked this mask, I’m just unsure whether I’d use it regularly as I do have to ‘measure out’ my application with another moisturiser so it’s not too deep on me – bit of a chore knowing that the results could be diabolical the next morning!

The last item was the self-tanning face mist. In between using the mask and the mist, I did let the shade fade away completely from my skin so I had true results for both. I think I left it around 10 days in between each one to be sure.

This packaging again is fully sustainable – zero metal in the spray head making the whole packaging 100% recyclable – go Bondi! I did find using this pump really hard work though – I don’t know if it’s because I’m so weak, but I had to use two hands to actually press the pump down! It was a workout y’all! But a minor negative in the grand scheme of things.

This is supposed to be spritzed over clean, dry skin and left 6-8 hours like the others for it to fully develop. I sprayed around 4-5 pumps over my face, neck and chest and then lightly massaged my Bondi mitt over everywhere to ensure it blended fully and went everywhere – some parts of the spritzing were heavier than others, it wasn’t an even, fine misting – but that’s fine because I’d suggest the mitt even if it was even. Like the foam, this soaked in super quick and felt like I had nothing on my face at all, love it! I didn’t apply any other skincare products to my skin on the evening I applied this, I just left it to develop over night.

This mist gave me an insane glow! I am so freaking in love with it! It was an even application, I looked tanned, sun-kissed and so healthy! If you wanted a darker finish, I would definitely say you could apply this every evening until you get the right shade! But one evening gave me a perfect colouring. The ingredients definitely helped my glowy-ness in my opinion! The tan lasted easily 4-5 days, even with me applying my skincare every morning and evening – I used glycolic acid most evenings too and it didn’t make it patchy or fade it any quicker than my neck and chest either which is great! I hate being restricted by what I can use after tanning.

I’d definitely recommend this mist – especially if you are a tanning novice and scared of how fake tan will look on your face. It is absolutely fool-proof and is so, so subtle. Perfect for Spring, coming into Summer!

I really enjoyed trying out these products for sure – they got me out of my comfort zone with tanning and I discovered a product that really works for me and my pale face! Very, very happy!


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