I just want to clarify that we are all aware how important SPF is, right? RIGHT?! If y’all don’t want to be leathery & wrinkly before you’re 40, slap that sunscreen on honeys! I thought I’d give my opinion on a few SPF’s that I’ve tried lately as it can be such a minefield picking a great one for your face! I used to worry that SPF would ruin my makeup – turns out that doesn’t have to be the case! My daytime routine consists of me using an SPF instead of a moisturiser, so I’m not overloading my skin.

The first SPF comes from Medik8 – a pricey brand, but other products I’ve used from them are top notch, so I think they’re a brand that’s well worth the price. This is a SPF 30. I love that it is a pump tube – way less mess with pumps in my opinion! This is quite a thick cream, but absorbs pretty easily into the skin – it doesn’t smell offensive either! I enjoy using this SPF – it works great under my makeup, however I don’t like how it makes my skin look on no makeup days, I do end up looking quite greasy, which isn’t my favourite look! It doesn’t break me out though and I haven’t burned or even gone pink whilst using this, so definitely a winner for someone who wears makeup daily! I’m a combination type gal, so someone with dry skin would probably get on so well with this on no makeup days.

OMG I really got on with this SPF. I’d never tried anything from Paula’s Choice before – not even their salicylic acid toner that everyone raves about! Again a SPF 30, this one is aimed at blemish prone skin. It’s a super light consistency and absorbs really easily. Absolutely loved how this looked on my skin on no makeup days, I did feel like it made my face feel sticky by the end of the day, but I’d totally suck it up just for the smoothed over look! I think I’ll definitely be repurchasing a full size version of this!

I had to include a swatch of this SPF from Supergoop – Unseen Sunscreen. I was so excited when this got released – it looks like an oily skinned, large pore girls dream! This feels so silicone-y, definitely primer vibes! I was really disappointed with this – it made my face feel so slimy – you’d never get the correct amount of SPF on your face to prevent burning before you either looked like an oil slick or it started pilling! Really annoyed with this one, don’t think I’ll even finish the tube!

Freaking loved this one! Wish I didn’t as Dr Dennis Gross is expensive! But so worth it! Honestly this absorbed so well, looked amazing under makeup and on its own. This definitely had a sunscreen scent to it, which I personally love! Reminds me of going on holiday, but I know some people don’t like that scent on their face. Again, no burning or even slight tanning with this, smoothed over my skin and all round pleasant to use!

Honestly it’s definitely a tie between Paulas Choice & Dr Dennis Gross. The only reason I’d lean towards Paulas Choice more is because it is aimed at blemish prone skin, which is definitely me! If it was out of stock or discontinued though, I definitely wouldn’t hesitate in adding DDG to my basket instead!

Now go put on some SPF – even if it’s raining, windy, cloudy or middle of winter!


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