Sunday Riley CEO Vitamin C Rich Hydration Cream

I got this 15ml sample pot in a previous ASOS beauty box I believe! I’ve normally steered away from vitamin C in a cream or just a plastic pot like this as it is quite an unstable vitamin, meaning you don’t normally get the full benefits of using the product as it stops working long before you finish the product. I normally like to go for vitamin C products in a UV protected bottle.

This moisturiser has a lovely, thick texture too it. The smell is to die for as well! Very citrus-y and refreshing! The cream contains a ‘potent, lipid soluble, advanced vitamin C.’ This means it is meant to be a more stable version, but also less irritating than some other vitamin C options.

I was a little hesitant at first with this cream as I’m quite an oily person and this felt so thick! I knew it didn’t fit into my morning routine (currently, Glow Recipe Plum Plump serum, Medik8 C-Tetra Vitamin C oil, Alumier MD SPF), so I thought I’d slot it into my evening routine, aiming for 3 times per week.

I’d never really thought about using vitamin C in the evenings as I knew using it in the morning helps fight free-radicals, protects the skin from pollution and generally pairs well with SPF. But as it can also help reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation – something that I’m susceptible to at the moment as I’m pregnant (who knew this could be a symptom?!), I thought ya can’t have too much Vit C!

This cream, although it was thick and creamy, it felt like it dragged a little when I applied it to my skin, I really had to work it in. Once I’d spread it round well though, it sunk in amazingly! I didn’t feel greasy or slimy at all!

Waking up in the mornings after using this bad boy gave me a lush glow! I had no breakouts or clogged pores at all. My skin felt super-smooth! I didn’t over-produce oil either – with it being a thicker cream than I’d normally use, I was prepared for this, but it didn’t happen, yay!

I always say that vitamin C application isn’t meant to be an ‘immediate result.’ Vitamin C in a routine helps prevent/slow down ageing by fighting free-radicals and protecting your skin against daily pollution. So I haven’t seen any drastic changes – but that is fine! It’s made my skin feel soft and supple and I know it’s doing its job for the long term benefits! Plus I haven’t developed any dark spots so far in my pregnancy (touch wood), so I’ll definitely keep up my vitamin C application!

I recommend this cream for sure – if you want to get started with a vitamin C, but you’re unsure if you’re going to be irritated by it, this is a great start! It’s soothing and hydrating – a great way to introduce a new vitamin to your routine! A little goes a long way too, so don’t be put off by price, in my opinion it is worth it. And definitely worth spending a little more on your vitamin/active/retinol skincare items as they are higher quality ingredients that are doing something for your skin!

Do you use vitamin C regularly? What’s your favourite one to use?


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