Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow

Honestly though, aren’t Benefits most recent line of brow products the most gorge and sleek you’ve ever seen? I want to buy every item just for the packaging!

I got this product in a Benefit gift set from my Mum at Christmas 2019 – I’ve since bought this one in the photos as well.

When I first received it, I never actually touched it for a month or two – I was never really a fan of brow gels – I felt like they couldn’t give me the accuracy or sharpness that a pomade or pencil could!

The Gimme brow range comes in 5 different shades – I use shade 3, I’m quite pale, but do have quite dark brows, so this is a perfect middle shade for me.

I think a mini version like this is around £12.50 – at first I wanted to spew at the price, but it’s only a couple quid more than drugstore brow gels when you get down to comparing them. Plus, even a little tube seems to last forever and a day! I’ve been using this for around 4 months non-stop and it’s still going!

I want to talk about the spooly brush first – absolute perfection *chefs kiss.* It’s an amazing size for accurate application – nice and petite. The brush itself is also super-soft, it doesn’t aggravate my skin or pull any hairs out. Do you find some brushes feel like you are literally raking your brows to pieces?! I bloody hate that!

The product is so creamy and easy to work with too. If I accidentally get some on my skin that doesn’t happen to be my brow, I can literally just swipe with my pinky or a cotton swab and it comes straight off without marking the skin! Give it a minute or two on the brows though and it sets amazingly – not rock solid, but also it won’t transfer if you accidentally rub your eyes in the day!

I tend to use this on ‘lazy days’ – which is a lot in the past year because pandemic. But if I want my brows to look put together to make me look more alive on no makeup days, this is what I lean towards! And since being in work with no customers because of lockdown, I use this practically daily! Two minutes to apply rather than ten minutes of precise pomade application and I’m good to go!

I definitely recommend this if you want something quick to use on your brows day to day. If you have quite full brows, this is also great just to give them shape and floof them up a bit more too! Ya can’t go wrong!


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