How to make the most of your skincare routine!


So I thought I’d give y’all an in depth rundown on how I do my skincare routine to make the most out of what I put on my face! After speaking to a lot of people when giving facials, I’ve realised how little some people know about basic skincare! Which is fine! But this routine will honestly, and hopefully improve your complexion and give you what you’re looking for! I’m going to be using Tropic Skincare, but use anything you like! Whatever suits your skin or your comfortable with, just keep doing that! And WASH YOUR HANDS before you start doing anything to your face! 

1 – Cleanse. Easy! Find a cleanser that takes off ALL dirt/makeup/grime in one wash. That will be your best friend. An oil based cleanser will get a any dirt to cling to it and wash right off. But make sure you remove everything in step one. I use Tropic’s cleanser – 3-4 pumps on dry hands, massaged onto a dry face for 2 minutes and then rinsed off with a damp bamboo face cloth. 

2 – Exfoliate. Do this 2-3 times per week. Don’t do this every night as it will completely dry your skin out and it will probably break you out. Your skin is not having time to completely refresh itself if you keep scrubbing it off, so you’re not doing it any favours! I personally like to do it the night before I’m doing anything special as I know my makeup always sits so much better the day after! Plan your week, know what days you will exfoliate! I use Tropic’s Face Polish, which is made from sugar and oils. Don’t use plastic bead based scrubs! It clogs the ocean! Save the Sharks and all that! 

3 – Face Mask. Do this once a week. I love face mask night, it’s usually a Saturday night for me! Choose a face mask for your skin type or what concerns you. So if you’re bothered about your big pores – buy a mask that will draw out impurities and tighten your pores! If you’re hating your dry patches, pick a mask that hydrates and plumps! Don’t leave it on longer than about 10 minutes, sometimes it can do more damage than good (trust me). 

4 – Tone. So if I’m doing a normal night, I’ll skip out 2 & 3, and just jump to toning my face. I like to spritz a toner on my face and leave it sink in to add moisture and rebalance my ph levels. Choose a nice refreshing toner, I like to use Tropic’s spritz toner or Lush’s eau Roma water. A toner shouldn’t be used to remove any left behind dirt or makeup, it should freshen you up. That’s why your cleanser is there.

5 – Treatment. Add any specific treatment you want, onto clean, dry skin. Spot cream, cream for redness, anything, make sure it’s soaked it before you carry on to the next step. Otherwise what’s the point in applying it if you’re just going to rub it all over your face when you add the moisturiser.

6 – Moisturise. The most important part! Everyone should moisturise. I don’t care if your skin is the oiliest in the world. Moisturising will actually improve this problem. If you’re not moisturising and you’re oily, it’s probably because your skin is drying out and therefore producing more oil to compensate. If your skin is dry, try patting the moisturiser in rather than rubbing, that’ll help more product sink in, instead of just sliding  around your face. Again, choose a moisturiser for your skin type. Try an oil control moisturiser to begin with if you’re oily. If you’re dry, go for a thicker based moisturiser. I like Tropic’s moisturiser as its aimed at all skin types. It’s natural ingredients aims to balance out your skin to normal, no matter what end of the spectrum it is! 

7 – Eye Cream. This is vital! If you want to preserve that delicate part under your eye, treat it well! Get a cream or a gel that specifies for what you’re looking for. A gel normally helps to depuff those eyes and lessen dark circles. A cream normally moisturises, plumps and reduces wrinkles. Try a few different ones, but always give them at least 4 weeks before you’ll notice a difference. 

8 – Face Oil. This one is an optional one. However, personally I think everyone should incorporate an oil into their routine. Yes, even if you’re oily. A face oil can really moisturise and soften your skin. It’ll slow down wrinkles and help you produce less oil believe it or not!  A face oil should always be put on last, after your moisturiser. This is because it won’t let the moisturiser fully sink in if you do this the other way round. This way you’re giving everything a chance to soak in. I love to pat 5-6 drops into my face every evening. You don’t need a lot, just enough to give you a glow! Apply this at least 20 minutes before bed. Otherwise it’ll just rub off onto the pillow. When you wake up, you will die at how soft your skin is and how healthy you look! 

Let me know if you have any extra steps you take, or if you think this is excessive! You only get one skin, so look after it! 


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