Soap & Glory Trick & Treatment Concealer


I bought this a couple months ago, used it a dozen times and forgot about it until I was sorting through my makeup last weekend! I got this from Boots for £9, not a bad price for a concealer. This concealer claims to cover up dark circles – I don’t think it’s for blemishes all over the face.


So this is the concealer, on the left just swiped down my hand with the doe foot applicator, and then blended out with the beauty blender on the right. It’s very yellow, which is probably to counteract the dark circles. I’m very pink toned, so I don’t know if that’s why it really accentuates my dark circles rather than camouflage them! No matter how much I blend out, my circles just look ten times worse! It’s also got a shimmer to it. I feel that does nothing to hide dark circles – it just screams, “LOOK AT ME!” And that is most definitely not what we want!

If you’re yellow toned or neutral, this may work better for you, but I have a feeling this is too yellow for anyone! I think this would work best mixed with another concealer – this being the lesser amount used of the two! I have also found another use for it. If you blend out a tiny amount on the tops of your cheek bones before you powder up, this gives a slight, natural highlight! You’re just left with the shimmer, but nothing over the top!

All in all, I’m very disappointed in this! Especially as Soap & Glory do produce pretty brilliant quality products – this just isn’t one of them! If you’ve used it and found it’s worked for you, or you’ve had the same problems as me, drop me a comment below!


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