Kat Von D Lock It Foundation 

  This is a kind of first, second and third impression post. Probably the first one ever! I popped this in my cart when I was shopping on sephora, purely to qualify for the £6 shipping instead of £15 shipping. I have had my eye on it for a while, because of its claims.  The Lock It Foundation claims to be a full coverage foundation that hides all blemishes and dark circles. It does come in a good variety of shades too, and is only $35, which is probably around £24ish. The packaging is also really freaking cute.  I just chose the lightest shade available (42) which is usually the case for my pale skin. I actually then found it just a shade too light, typical! It is more for pink toned skin though, which is me! I think each shade does differ on whether its a warm or cool tone, so check that too!    You can tell how thick this consistency is by the photo! I squeezed less than half a pump out and it stayed in that position! So I used a whole pump on my face to begin with. You do not need this much! Even if you’re looking for major full coverage, just over half a pump is fine! I blended it out with my beauty blender. Immediately after I had done this, I was so disappointed. It seemed to sink into all my pores and look patchy. I wanted to cry, it looked awful! But I left it for a few minutes, and it seemed to settle better: it was wearable! Throughout the day, I only blotted once, and that was out of habit. I could have got away without blotting at all! It is definitely a matte foundation with staying power! At the end of the day, I was again unhappy with how it had settled into my pores.  The second time I tried it, I tried mixing it with my MAC pro long wear foundation. I used four pumps of that to just over half a pump of lock it. That seemed to work a little better! It didn’t sink into my pores as much, but it still didn’t sit right. My pro longwear foundation can do no wrong, so I know it was the lock it again that was doing this.  So I decided to give it one last go. I am in love with Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid foundation, however their porcelain shade is still slightly to dark/yellow for me. So I mixed the lock it in with this… WINNER! I’d made the perfect shade for my skin and created the most flawless base! It sat so nicely all day, I did have to blot once or twice, that was the dream satin liquid, but I couldn’t complain! It sat well for a good 9 hours, which is all I ask for! I know Lock It claims to last for 24 hours, but whoever is leaving their makeup on for that long without washing or refreshing needs a good talking to.  So to conclude, I’m happy but I’m unhappy. Complicated right? I’m happy I can use it! I’m unhappy that it doesn’t do amazing things on its own for me. Obviously my skin leans towards the more dry end. If you are oily, I should think this would be a dream for you! A flawless finish, with no blotting needs! I do have quite large pores too (I’m working on this!), so that’s probably why it sank into them. I’m glad I’ve made the perfect concoction though between the two foundations.  If you’ve never mixed your foundations, give it a try! If you find yourself tying to choose between two faves because they offer different benefits, try mixing them to see if you can get the best of both worlds! Let me know how you get on!


3 thoughts on “Kat Von D Lock It Foundation ”

  1. I always have wanted to try this foundation since Kat Von D products always seem pretty raved about! Shame it’s been quite a struggle to work with but at least you have found a solution! When ordering on Sephora did you have to pay any additional custom charges or anything or was it just £6 shipping?

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    1. Urgh it was a pain in the ass if I’m honest! You have to spend over £75 to get £6 shipping, but then they slam you with £14 taxes too. Even though I think they ship from a warehouse in the UK! I did mail them, but they avoided the question! But if you spend less than £75 it’s £15 shipping! I didn’t know this the first time, so I was pretty pissed haha! Depends on your skin type with this I think! Easy if you’re oily, bit of work if you’re normal to dry!

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      1. Ah thats annoying! It would probably be easier just flying to America haha! Why we don’t have Sephora here I don’t know! Yeah it really is always the case with foundations, it works for some and not for others!

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