Makeup Revolution Pure Pigment

I ordered this online last week, because it was only £1 and because I’m literally obsessed with MAC’s pigments, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend another £17 right now!

I didn’t choose this colour for a specific reason, I just thought it was one of the most wearable colours! You get 1.5g for £1, which is brilliant! That makes £6.67 per 10g. MAC’s pigment is £40 per 10g! Say what?! I know!


So this is one layer of pigment on my eye. I dampened my eyeshadow brush first and oh my god. It was so unbelievably pigmented! I was literally so impressed! And such a gorge colour! Like a coppery tone, that would go with just about anything!

The left picture is without flash, then the right is with! Then the left stripe on the photos are just swiped with just pigment, then the right stripe is after I’ve sprayed my brush with Mac fix+! I love both effects, but the dampened brush is my fave! It looks like a metallic shadow, it doesn’t crease and is so easy to apply!

If you’re still learning how to apply pigments or you’re a pro, I suggest trying these! For £1 how could you not?! They are so so so gorge, and there’s 25 colours in the collection! I’m so impressed with this, and definitely plan on getting more!

Now remember to keep an eye out for my giveaway! I’m so excited, I’ll be putting details up on Wednesday, so keep checking throughout the day! I can tell you this gift is worth £45, and you will not be disappointed!

Get Makeup Revolution here: http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=2026&id=240773


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    1. Thanks so much! I know right! I didn’t see any in store, just on the Superdrug website, I think that’s the problem! 😊

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