Maybelline Lash Sensational

   Ok, so while I was shopping in Cardiff on Saturday, I saw Boots had a triple points weekend on… So I had to go in and spend at least £30… I picked up a couple bits I’d been dying for anyways, and then I couldn’t decide what to get to top it up over £30. Then I turned around and saw that Mark had jammed four of these between his knuckles and was pretending to be Wolverine… So I snatched them all out of his hand, grabbed one just to make it up and marched him out the store. I tried it for the first time this morning. And seriously, I have to thank Mark so much (not that I’ll tell him)! This mascara is freaking insane! It cost £7.99, and I think it’s a perfect dupe for Benefits They’re Real and Roller Lash all in one! And for more than half the price!    This wand is just perf. It grabs, separates and fully coats your lashes all at the same time! I will admit, the only downside I had to it was that you have to be really careful applying it to your lower lashes, the wand is a little bulky for them, and I found I kept jabbing my skin with it and leaving those silly spot marks under my lashes! But it’s a small price to pay!   This is after one coat. ONE COAT!!! Seriously, I’m so in love! Look how thick my lashes look! I do admit, my lashes are long, whatever the situation, but it really accentuates the length! It’s so black too!  I am so in love with this mascara, and will never pay more than a tenner for mascara again! It’s perfect quality, and worth so much more than its eight quid price tag!


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