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Sweet Almond Oil & Lavender Oil

Ok, so y’all know how much I love my oils! I thought I’d do a quick post on these two beauties. I’ve literally only just, in the past 3 weeks or so, started using these the way I do!

My mother (who is queen of keeping me together), suggested I try sweet almond oil on my face, as it is known to moisturise (I so need that), reduce dark circles under your eyes (and that!) and even out skin tone (needed even more!). So every night, I’ve been putting 3-4 on my finger tips, and then massaging into my face, so it really soaks in.

Since I’ve been using it, not only have I been waking up to super soft skin, even when I take my makeup off at night, it’s still smooth then! It’s not as soft as I’d like it to be, and there are still a couple dry patches, but I know, I have to be patient! I can tell it’s already started evening my skin tone, only very slightly though. I guess this takes a lot longer than a few days! My under eye area has also never felt so smooth! The dark circles are definitely not as prominent as they were!

Onto the lavender oil! I am so in love with the scent of lavender. I think that is the sign of being old. When you start to appreciate the smell of lavender… I love lavender oil on my pillow, it is such a calming scent. Be sure to only put 2-3 drops on your pillow though, or it will burn your eyes out!

I bought lavender oil, not only because I’m in love with its sleep inducing aroma, but because I read that it is a brilliant anti bacterial for acne! Who’d have thought it?! I know I don’t have acne, but it’s good for soothing and reducing redness (that’s me!) and the anti bacterial part can never hurt for anyone can it?

So tonight, I went a little cray, mixed way too many lavender drops with my almond oil, and now Mark is refusing to come near me. I don’t blame him. I haven’t quite perfected the ratio yet. But believe me, less is more with the lavender! That burning your eyes out part I talked about? Yep, that happened!

So I’ll keep you guys updated with the lavender oil part, but seriously, I recommend the almond oil to anyone that has dry skin, red patches or just wants something natural! It’s so cheap too! This bottle cost me (well my mum) £3.50! And it’s the penny sale at Holland & Barrett at the moment too! Lavender oil is a little more pricey for the amount! That little bottle I think cost £3! So let me know your thoughts and experiences with these if you have had them!


2 thoughts on “Sweet Almond Oil & Lavender Oil”

  1. Rosehip oil is great for reducing acne scars and redness. And anything with hylaronic acid is great for dehydration. I use a vichy aquathermal seum which is quite cheap from boots and its so light weight too.
    I really don’t like shamelessly promoting my blog on other sites, but I used to have awful skin and its improved so much over the last 18 months. So check out some of my posts If you like 🙂
    Cute blog you have xx

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    1. Thank so much for the advice! I’ll check it out! I’m currently taking hyaluronic acid supplements and mixing Rosehip oil with my almond oil! All the natural stuff is a winner isn’t it?!


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