Rimmel London Fix & Perfect Primer

   I’ve been using this primer for like 3/4 years on and off. I actually hadn’t used it for around 6 months until the other day, I was talking to a girl with the most lovely skin and she told me she uses this! So I scurried home and dug him out!  I’m sure I read somewhere once that this has silicone in it, but now I’m looking again, I can’t see anywhere, unless I’m blind. But I love the texture of this primer:    It’s a white, creamy formula. And feels so clean and moisturising on my poor, sensitive skin at the moment. It has a really fresh scent, not a major smell, just a slight hint to it.  Applying this really evens out my skins texture (as much as it humanly can on my awful face at the moment). The only downside is once applied, you have to give it a couple minutes for it to fully sink in before continuing with your routine. This actually feels like a moisturiser, you have to treat it like one too I think, otherwise your makeup is just going to slip and slide everywhere if you try and apply too soon.  If you’re on a budget and you’re looking to try out something different, this costs £6.99, lasts forever and is a brilliant addition to your makeup bag! It works well under anything, or on its own if that’s what you like! I wouldn’t recommend this for people with oily skin, I think it would make you shinier a lot quicker than usual, which is probably not what you’re after! Let me know your thoughts! And again, any tips on sorting out my skin problem I mentioned in my last post, I am all ears!


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