Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Trio 

So the Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real trio!! I’m just gonna jump right into it! I’ll start off with the eye makeup remover first:

So I bought this randomly one evening when browsing Benefits stand in Debenhams. For around a month I wondered why I’d wasted £14 on an eye makeup remover… Still wondering now actually! Not that it’s an awful remover, in actual fact, it’s bloody brilliant! But there’s a knack to it, I believe. And I don’t think a makeup remover should have a ‘knack.’ So when I first started using this, I’d put it on a cotton pad and rub my eyes with it. This felt so bad for my skin, especially a delicate under eye area, as the product just got soaked right up instantly! Now what I do is squeeze a small amount onto my finger and rub it under my eye and on my lashes, I then tone my skin while this is still on, then using the soothing, damp cotton pad, I gently wipe it off. It works perfectly! And the mascara and eye liner are a nightmare to remove! It leaves my under eye area feeling soft and not at all scrubbed!

I also bought the eye liner on a whim too. (I need to stop these spending sprees…) I haven’t used eyeliners since I was in sixth form!! I love this eyeliner! It’s a clever concept and can make it so easy to apply eyeliner with a bit of practice. I like to squeeze a bit on the back of my hand and apply like that, I feel it gives me more control!

Now the mascara. My favourite mascara in the world actually! It’s actually taken over Roller Lash again after its fifteen minutes of fame! The mascara is just brilliant! The applicator is the perfect shape, perfect sized bristles! You can choose how dramatic you want your lashes. One coat will separate and define your lashes, whereas if you add a few coats of it, you get these amazing, long, thick looking lashes!


That’s after two coats! Sorry about the awful brows…

Let me know your thoughts on these three products! I totally think the mascara is worth it. And even though the remover is on the pricey side, it does do a brilliant job and lasts forever! But, if you can, I’d try and get my hands on a miniature size of the eyeliner before splashing out on the full size. It just makes me mad how bad it is!


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