MAC Cosmetics Blankety Lipstick

Oh Blankety, you are life! I bought this last week, I was so good, only ordering two lipsticks! When I first tried it on, I was so mad! I’d seen this in almost every MAC haul on YouTube and could not wait to buy it! I put it on, and it was so sheer, like I couldn’t even see it! Then, a few days later I thought I’d try it again, I was determined it would look cute!

So first I scrubbed my lips and applied MAC’s lip primer. Then I applied Blankety:


I couldn’t get a photo that did it justice. But just trust me. Buy it. Blankety is an amplified finish, it looks amazing. It’s a nude, such a pretty finish when you want just a muted lip, but something on there y’know? Oh my god, I just love it. It glides on, makes a change from a matte, gives my lips a break from all that dryness! Go out, get it, and thank me later!


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