MUA Liquid Eyeliner

I just have to have a quick rave about MUA’s liquid eyeliner! So I picked this up yesterday as I was picking up their velvet lip colours, not really expecting too much because this bad boy literally cost £1! A POUND! I’ve been looking for a new liner for a while, just been too lazy to get one, it hasn’t been a necessity. MUA is stocked at Superdrug btw!

So I went out last night, and thought I’d give this a go! Can I just say last night was also my first successful attempt at a winged liner! Woo woo! So this is a normal liner applicator, it is so black, really pigmented, you don’t have to go over and over the same line to get this colour which is a bonus. I find there’s more scope for cock ups if we have to keep doing that!

This dried super quick, which I love, and it didn’t flake once. I came home 4 hours later, and it was the same blackest of blacks, wing in tact, prettiest eye liner ever! I’m so pleased with this. I only bought this as a stand in while I did my research. All research out of the window! Please, please try this before you buy your usual eyeliner again, because I can bet you a million pound it’s not as cheap as this bad boy! Or possibly as awesome!


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