Rosehip Oil

I just wanted to do a quick post on Rosehip Oil as part of a skincare routine! I was first introduced to Rosehip oil by Birchbox. One of my samples one month was of Trilogy’s Rosehip Oil. It retails for £16.50 for 20ml.

Rosehip Oil is expensive. Unless you know where to look. I purchased my 11ml bottle of it off of eBay. Cost me £2.95, and yes, it is Rosehip oil, nothing dodgy!

I wish I’d known about oils for your skin 5 years ago. Back then my face was ultra oily, and I wouldn’t have dared put anything that would aggravate on it. I didn’t even moisturise! I’m horrified at my younger self. If you have oily skin, putting more oil on your face seems silly. But it isn’t. You probably make your skin worse by not putting as much moisturisation on as you should, for fear of ultra oiliness. In fact, the less you put on, the more your skin produces oil, as your skin thinks it’s being deprived of moisture! Nightmare cycle!

I have extremely dry, sensitive skin with a lot of redness. Although the redness is no where near as bad as six months ago. At night, I squeeze four drops on my finger tips and rub them together and then pat it on to my face. Don’t rub. Never rub. Pat it in, so it sits there and can soak in. I then leave it for five, and then apply my moisturiser as normal. Yes I apply moisturiser as well! Even though Rosehip oil is an oil, it’s not as slimy as you’d think, at first when you apply it, you will have the shiniest face and panic. But leave it! It will soak in and do your skin the world of good! It’s slowly getting rid of scars and my redness. Like, seriously, my redness has visibly faded by the morning. And my skin is so smooth! Give this a try if you’re looking for a natural remedy to even out your skin. This is it!


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