Lush Cosmetics – Angels on Bare Skin


Oh. My God. When I went into Lush a few weeks ago, intent on stocking up on plenty of skin care products, this was not on my list. The reason being I had done all my research on the website, and I knew what I wanted and why. I did see this on the website, but just dismissed it. I mean, how can a cleanser be so dry?!

The woman in the store actually demonstrated it on the back of my hand, as she said that this would be the perfect cleanser for my skin. I was not convinced… Until she showed me what it was like when you add water. The idea is to get a pea sized amount in the palm of your hand (yes pea sized seems small, but a little goes a long way), add a few drops of water and rub between your hands so it kind of dissolves into a paste. It’s got crushed almonds in it, which turns into almond milk when you add the water which they say helps to tone and brighten your skin. This is a face and body cleanser, so it has multiple uses.

I find this actually also moisturises my hands when I use it! Lush says it’s inspired by a medieval recipe. Ingredients also include lavender oil and rose absolute. Did I mention the smell is to die for?! I read up on a few reviews when I got home with this bad boy as I was interested to see what other people thought of this. The majority of reviews commented on the smell, and how they weren’t impressed with it. I was the complete opposite, I literally cannot get enough of it! It’s got a really clean smell. I can’t really describe it! I think it’s the lavender in it that also brings out the calming hippy kind of smell? Is that the right way to describe it? I don’t even know, but it’s so nice!


I use this every night to remove all my makeup before I get in the shower. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and clean, and doesn’t aggravate my redness, which is all I ask for in life! It doesn’t dry my skin out, yet it doesn’t leave it feeling moisturised either. I don’t mind this, as all I want from a cleanser is for it to remove all my makeup and not strip my skin.

If you have sensitive skin and dread removing your makeup every night, I suggest you try this! It leaves my face feeling squeaky clean, and I actually look forward to washing my face before I shower now! I’m so glad the girl recommended this to me, as I wouldn’t have bought just because I had no idea what you did with it! I hope I’ve enlightened some of you that have thought about this but left it behind! Go back and get it girl (or guy!)!


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