Mac Cosmetics Mineralise Skin Finish “Soft & Gentle”


I know, know, I said I was doing a review on this weeks ago! I kinda got side tracked after discovering Lush Cosmetics (eeep!). So this is MAC‘s mineralise skin finish in Soft & Gentle. Now I bought this as I have been looking for an amazing highlighter for months. When I saw someone’s review on her fave highlighters and this was in it, I had to try it!

I honestly don’t know how to describe Soft & Gentle. It’s such a pretty colour with so much sheen to it! I’d describe it as a “hard” powder. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t crumble easy or latch onto the brush as much as other “softer” powders do. Does that make sense? It comes in the signature black packaging, and it’s actually a magnetic closure, very sleek.


When I was looking for a highlighter, I knew I wanted to try a powder rather than a liquid, as I had been using Benefit Cosmetics Highlighter in High Beam. Now, I don’t know if it was just me, but I could never get the damn thing to blend into my skin. It was like the perfect shade, but it just always looked awful on my skin, because it didn’t want to blend. I apply Soft & Gentle with an angled brush, and it just blends perfectly. The only thing I was ever worried about with a powder highlighter was it looking cakey as I’d be adding more powder again to my skin! There was nothing to worry about, I couldn’t even feel like I’d added anything extra to my skin! You can see little glitter particles in the powder, but when you apply it on, you can’t even see them, they don’t stand out like you’re stuck in the 90’s.

I apply this to the tops of my cheekbones and carry it up by my temples, it leaves such a pretty sheen on my skin! I am so in love with it! I’m actually dying to get Lightscapade too, that looks so pretty, I think it would look a little lighter on the skin compared to Soft & Gentle. If you’ve been looking for a cute highlighter, I really advise you try this! It sells for £23 and I personally think this would look amazing on ay skin tone!


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