Lush Cosmetics Oatifix Fresh Face Mask


Ok so my first face mask from Lush! Oatifix is a fresh face mask, which means it needs to be kept in the fridge, and has to be used within three weeks! All of Lush’s face masks are around £6.50, and they are so totally worth it!

I love a face mask, but every face mask I have ever bought has burnt the areas I have applied them too, my skin is ultra sensitive! When I asked about a face mask in Lush and explained my problems, I assumed I just shouldn’t use them. But then the lady pointed me towards Oatifix. Did I mention my skin resembles an amphibian at the moment? It is so dry, I can’t do anything with it!

So Oatifix says, “Cleanse, soften and moisturise dry, sensitive skin. A blend of bananas, vanilla and oats to cool and nourish, illipe butter to reduce redness, ground almonds to gently polish and kaolin to cleanse your skin.” This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! If you’ve seen my photos of my skin on the MAC foundation review here, you’ll have noticed my red skin! Problem after problem!


This is what Oatifix looks like. It smells amazing. Like I seriously want to eat it! It’s quite a thick consistency, though I guess it will differ with each one as they’re all freshly made! I love to smother it on, I’ve seen a few pics where it’s just been applied in a pathetically thin layer, I just don’t see the point!


Ok, so I apply it just before I get in the shower, so once I’m done washing my hair etc, it’s ready to come off! It leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft, not as moisturised as I would have liked, but the fact that it doesn’t leave red blotches over my skin makes me so happy! It is definitely reducing my redness, which is a miracle! I think the fact that it is all natural products that have gone into this mask makes it feel like it’s doing it’s job a million times better, and feels so much healthier for my skin!

If you have extremely sensitive skin, I suggest you try out any of Lush’s face masks, you don’t have to miss out any more! And if you have dry skin, with redness, this mask is brilliant! It’s a little exfoliating when you wash it off too, which just makes your skin look extra polished, my skin has evened out so much because of this! Please, please, please give this a try asap! You will not be disappointed!


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