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Lush Lip Scub & Lip Balm


Ok, I have a new Lush obsession. It all started Thursday when I popped into lush to pick up their lip scrub, as I’d be researching for a good one, and this one seemed brilliant. While I was in there, I also asked about a face mask for my ultra dry skin. Every time I put a face mask in from a drugstore, I get red blotches where I’ve applied it, and it burns for hours! So the girl recommended Oatifix (which I will review soon!). So I got that, and this scrub in Bubblegum. It also comes in Mint Julips and Popcorn!

I’ve been using the scrub day and night since Thursday, and I can honestly feel such a difference. When I was putting my lipstick on yesterday, it went on smooth and didn’t catch on any flaky bits – because there weren’t any! Yay! It tastes abso amazing! So sweet! The idea is to rub this all over your lips and then to lick it off when you’re done! The best bit! The texture is really grainy, it’s sugar with oils and a bit of flavour! It cost £5.95, and so worth it, as you only need the tiniest bit each time you use it! It will last forever!

So yesterday, I popped back to Lush because I wanted a balm to put on my lips after this scrub. I came out with this:


Yes I went crazy. The lady in there was so helpful! All this will be reviewed once I’ve used them a fair few times.


Ok, so this was the lip balm I chose. It’s not the first one I showed interest in. I liked the sound of None of Your Beeswax but the (lovely) lady pointed out it’s quite grainy, and that’s not what I wanted, so she showed me Honey Trap! It’s got honey and vanilla in, and smells amazing! It doesn’t leave a gloss on your lips, but it makes them feel so hydrated! I hate it when lip balms feel heavy on , but I couldn’t even tell I was wearing this! Their lip balms do cost £5.75, which I think is quite steep! But I really wanted to try it, and it’s all natural too!

I’m so glad I’ve discovered Lush, my lips now feel amazing, and I’m hoping with the other products I’ve bought, I can eliminate my redness and dry, flaky skin on my face! I’m genuinely so excited! I highly recommend the lip scrub and any of their balms, as everything in their store is natural, and I feel they would all do such a good job moisturising and bringing any lips back to life! If you’ve never given Lush a chance before, I suggest you just have a browse on their website, there will be a product there for you, whether you need it, or just want it! I will keep y’all updated on my other products too, I can’t wait to show you the results!


7 thoughts on “Lush Lip Scub & Lip Balm”

  1. I love Lush products! I did a review on the bubblegum lip scrub and I absolutely love it too 🙂 The smell and taste is just delicious!! Xoxo


    1. It’s so cute as well isn’t it?! I’m obsessed now! Have you tried the other flavours?


      1. I haven’t tried any of the other flavours yet but I hear they’re all really good, which flavours have you tried? It’s definitely something I’ll be keeping my eye on each time I’m in Lush now xoxo


      2. Just bubblegum too! A friend told me popcorn was lush and not as sickly! That’s next I think!

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      3. Yeah, I’ve seen blogs about the popcorn and mint julips flavours. They both supposed to be lovely. xoxo


  2. The ultrabland cleanser is my all time favourite- I’ve found it to be ridiculously good! Hope you have as much success with it!
    P.s I’m absolutely loving the blog!


    1. I used it yesterday and love it so far! I just love how basic they are! And thank you so much!!


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