Glow Recipe Fruit Babies – Is It Worth It?

glow recipe fruit babies

I bought these last month in my huge Cult Beauty haul. I’ve never tried any Glow Recipe products, so I thought I’d do a breakdown of this little set. It was £26 for the set.

glow recipe

How freaking cute are these?! I also got a sachet of their Banana Souffle Moisture Cream to try out. This one was a luxury feeling moisturiser, nice & thick – great for dry to normal skin types or if you feel your skin needs a little extra hydration, I got a good 2-3 uses out of the little sachet.

glow recipe blueberry bounce gentle cleanser

I absolutely love this cleanser. I’ve used all this up already. It smells to die for firstly. It’s a clear gel cleanser that foams up when you massage it into your skin. I use this as a second cleanse as I do like to use an oil-based cleanser for my makeup removal. This cleanser does an amazing job of removing any leftover debris on my skin & works wonders with my Foreo. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or leave me feeling like I had a film over my skin either. Will definitely be purchasing the full size version! I also just read that you can put a generous layer on your skin for 5-8 minues & use as a quick mask! Genius!

How cute is this bottle?! This toner is full of gentle acids to minimise the appearance of pores & to decongest skin. Slightly different to a normal toner – you pour a few drops onto your finger tips & pat into your skin. Loved the scent of this, it did make my skin feel ultra-smooth, but I’ve built up quite a tolerance to acids & vitamin A now so I don’t think it’s quite strong enough for me. Amazing product for those of you just starting out on your acid journey – it’s gentle enough not to do any damage, but will definitely give you clear results.

Applying this definitely gave me the ‘glass skin’ effect! It’s a cooling feeling gel moisturiser – aimed at oily to combination skin types. It’s packed with hyaluronic acid & anti-oxidants & smells like a dream. Amazing base for makeup for sure!

glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask

I feel like this is the product that gained Glow Recipe notoriety? I’ve always been intrigued by this, but never jumped in & bought the full size in case it was all a hype. It has a bouncy, jelly like texture to it, again quite gel-like. It can be used over night or as a 10 minute mask during the day. I loved this. I apply this in the evenings after I apply my retinol for some extra hydration. It made my skin feel super soft the next morning & hardly any redness! For sure want the full size!

glow recipe avocado melt retinol eye mask

This was my favourite in the set! Another one I wasn’t sure if it was just a hype, but I can confirm not! I tried a retinol eye cream around 2 months ago & it really damaged my under eyes – it inflammed & irritated them & took around 4-6 weeks to get them back to normal. This one though is so creamy & does literally melt into the skin. It contains encapsulated retinol which slowly releases into the skin so you don’t have such harsh reactions to it. I always judge a company by the way they put retinol & vitamin C into their products as they can be unstable or not released into the skin properly, so I am super impressed with this one!


Overall I was very impressed with this little set. I definitely think it’s worth the £26 to be able to play around with all the products. My absolute favourite was obviously the Avocado Retinol Eye Cream! I’m definitely buying the full size of this one! I also loved the Blueberry face wash & the Watermelon sleeping mask!

Definitely recommend this if you want to give this brand a try, but not sure where to start!


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