Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review – Before & After Pics

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews on Legit Lashes mascara online & I was in two minds whether to buy it – it’s £24! But 1 – I needed a new mascara & 2 – I thought I’d take one for the team for y’all to show you what it’s like before you buy it!

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara

When I first saw this released, I did think it was a bit gimmicky with two different mascara ends. When I thought about it though, I use two different mascaras to get the look I want! I use one to define them & then if I’m going out out, I’ll use another over top for volume! So I was straight on board with that aspect then. Both ends are plastic wands – my fave type. The first end you use is the Curl & Length – this wand is curved & really gets in there to separate the lashes. The second end, volume, is a little thicker to plump the lashes out. Both ends have separate product!

The shade is ‘Very Vanta.’ It’s an extreme black pigment which I was not disappointed with! You cannot go wrong with a black-black mascara!

huda beauty legit lashes mascara on my eyelashes

This first photo is the Curl & Length end with one layer on my left side (as you look at it) & nothing on my other eye. I was instantly impressed with how well it separated my lashes & gave a feathery, natural look! Very black too – as you can see! Perfect for everyday wear!

This second photo is after a layer of Volume on the same side. I was first a bit disappointed that it seemed to start clumping them together, but once they’d settled & I’d done both sides, I was so pleased with the outcome! It actually looks like I’m wearing false lashes! They stand out so amazingly!

The final test was to see how easy this washes off the lashes. There is nothing more I hate than a mascara that takes a team of people to remove it. I’m pleased to say it all came off in the shower when I cleansed my face once! There was no residue left under my eyes either – very impressed! My lashes feel natural & fluffy again & I didn’t lose any while wiping it off!

I also had a quick nap whilst wearing it today & I had nothing flake off & settle on my face at all – it didn’t move!

Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascaara

I had to take a quick photo of myself when I was chilling on the sofa this afternoon – excuse the lack of makeup, I had nothing on except the mascara as I was testing it. It literally looks like I’m wearing false lashes, does it not?! Very happy I took the plunge & bought it – I got mine from Cult Beauty!

Have you tried this? Was your experience good or bad? Let me know if I’ve tempted you to purchase it!


2 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara Review – Before & After Pics”

  1. I love mascara 😍😍✌ But Taking care of eyelashes is very important 😐 So I use Clinically tested Eyelash growth serum. It’s making my eyelashes thicker and longer!!!


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