Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle – Review

Sanctuary Spa Wet Skin Moisture Miracle

I bought this around 5 months ago as I wasn’t moisturising my body at all because I couldn’t be bothered or I didn’t have enough time! I found it in Boots & was intrigued that you could apply this directly to wet skin straight out the shower! It costs between £8-10ish, depending on offers etc & I’m still using the same bottle now! I absolutely love the Sanctuary Spa brand – especially their skincare too!

santuary spa wet skin moisture miracle

The consistency is a white cream, but it is extremely runny. The idea is to apply this as soon as you jump out of the bath or shower before you even reach for your towel. Once applied, just dry off as normal. I would apply this, then wait 30 seconds to a minute before grabbing my towel. The smell is absolutely amazing – it’s the Sanctuary Spa ‘signature scent.’ It’s a perfume-y smell & does linger for a couple of hours! I love applying this in the evening & putting on some fresh pjs!

I’ve rubbed it into my hand here & you can see it gives off a subtle glow. I only really reach for this if I’m in a hurry – normally I’ll use my & Other Stories moisturiser for good hydration.

This Wet Skin Miracle does moisturise & make my skin feel soft, but I don’t think it would do much for those with really dry skin. It’s absolutely amazing if you don’t like the sticky/clammy feel after using a normal moisturiser. With this, I can apply it, dry off & jump straight into my clothes without feeling like it’s sliding everywhere – it really soaks in well.

I have also tried the watermelon scent, which is to die for – I think it’s a perfect moisturiser to bring with you on a beach holiday, just for the smell.

I do think this one feels a bit more luxurious than the watermelon one though – it’s a cream, rather than a jelly & the scent definitely has an ‘expensive’ air to it!

I’d definitely recommend this if you are lazy with your moisturising – give it a go!

Have you tried it? How did you get on with it?


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