Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Eye Colour

I needed to do a review on these! I just couldn’t wait any longer! I seem to have gone Maybelline mad lately! They’re just so on the ball with their products at the moment!

I’ve got three of the shades from the range at the moment, I have Permanent Taupe, which is a gorge matte shade, Pink Gold, which is the prettiest pink shade I’ve seen in forever! And Eternal Gold – just because I’ve been so in love with gold shades lately, this is just the goddess of all gold shades I own right now.


So these are the swatches without flash…

And these are the swatches with flash!

So I’ll start from the left, which is obviously Permanent Taupe. I love this shade all over my lids. It’s just my go to shade when I’m feeling lazy and just want to slap something on there! It doesn’t crease – even without primer! I’d say this is the more powdery of the three, although it’s still so creamy! I love a matte shade, and this is just perf for multi use! A definite must buy from the range!

Then there’s Eternal Gold. Just a true gold, very glittery, very pretty! I’ve used this just in the centre of my lid a couple times – especially over the taupe shade, just to add a little dimension and to brighten things up!! This looks amaze all over the lid! This one is very creamy, yet I was impressed with how little it creased! It only started around the end of my working day, so about 10 hours after I’d put it on, which was amazing as it was barely noticeable anyway!

And then Pink Gold. So so so so so pretty! When I bought it, I legit could not stop staring at it! It wears the same as Eternal Gold – very creamy, very little creasing! Just gorge!

I’d really recommend the colour tattoo range. They have some really fun colours at the moment, and you could do a lot with them! They are not as pigmented as I’d like them to be, but when layered up, it’s perf! And there’s no problems when layering it up, it sits well and sets amazingly! They sell at £4.99 each, quite pricey for one shade (in my opinion!), but there’s always a 3 for 2 on or something like that! Give them a try! Or if you have, what did you think of them?!

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4 thoughts on “Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo Eye Colour”

  1. Have you tried the colour “on and on bronze” yet? The formulation is so useable and I personally love the colour!


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