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NYX Cosmetics HD Concealer

  So sorry it’s been ridiculously long since my last post. The past few weeks I’ve been having a major skin melt down, nothing is going right with it, so I’d given up on everything. Because of this, I’ve just become majorly obsessed with concealers! I ordered NYX’s HD concealer after reading some pretty good reviews on it! I think this is the shade porcelain. I got a shade lighter, as I love to make my under eyes a little brighter!  So it comes with the doe foot applicator, and I use that to brush a couple strokes under my eyes and bring it down just a bit, to make that “triangle” shape. I then use a damp beauty blender to blend it out evenly.    It’s quite a thick consistency, but really blendable. My skin has gone back to its usual redness, so I personally found it to have ridiculously awful coverage! Once I’d blended it out, you could still see through it. I don’t know if it’s because I have dry skin, but it was definitely not buildable.  Also, at the end of a long day wearing it, I’d found it had made my face oily, and it had sunk into my pores – I hate that look!  So overall, if you have normal/oily skin, this might be perf for you! I’d stay away if you have dry and majorly blemished skin. If you just use concealer for very light coverage just to even things out, this is for you!  On another note, I’ve booked myself in to meet with a dermatologist end of this month, I’m at my wits end… If you have any recommendations on how to treat this awfulness…     … I’d love to hear any ideas. I will literally try anything right about now. I’ve been researching Omnilux light therapy, and it sounds amazing! Let me know if you’ve tried this!


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  1. Hey, I wrote a post a long time ago about treating acne. My biggest tips are to use a salicylic acid cleanser in combination with a benxoyl peroxide acne cream. If you need to moisturize, wait about 30 minutes after applying your acne treatment to let it sink in

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    1. Thanks so much! I feel like I’ve tried everything 😦 the problem is too, everything on the market aimed at problem skin is for oily skin, whereas mine is also so freaking dry! It kills!


      1. Yes, I know! I’m the same way. If I weren’t using acne products, I’d probably still have normal/dry skin. With acne products, it’s like the Sahara desert!

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  2. Sry about your skin. Ive suffered with acne in the past so i know it sucks! How did they come about? Is it due to stress or an irregular cycle? Best to speak to your GP & dermatologist if need be. In the meantime just use oil free foundation and always clean your face well. Good luck xxx


  3. I’m so sad to hear that you didn’t like the nyx concealer 😦 I tried it out and actually really loved it , I only put it under my eyes though and use a different concealer for any redness and spots , try out the Seventeen concealer if you can because its amazing coverage for those pesky spots! xx


    1. Thanks gal! I really wanted to love this! I’ve got the green version coming for my redness, not sure how I’m gonna love that, same consistency and all that!

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