Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer

I bought this around 12 months ago after reading a couple pretty amazing reviews on it. It’s been compared to some high end concealers, and it only costs £7.99 in Boots!

It’s got a sponge applicator, and you just twist the red part a couple times, then swipe it on the parts you want to conceal.

I use this on weekends, or days I’m not doing much, to save on my MAC pro long wear concealer.

When I’m having a lazy day, I moisturise and prime, then I swipe this under my eyes, down my nose, on my cheeks where there’s redness and any spots. I then blend it all out with the beauty blender (of course!). This provides brilliant coverage for the price!! It’s amazing. It doesn’t completely get rid of all imperfections, but it leaves me feeling confident enough to go out, even when I want as little makeup as possible on.

I love the sponge applicator too. It just gives control, and less mess! There’s plenty of product, it seems to last forever. It’s quite a thick consistency, but blends so easily! It doesn’t leave any orange tinge either! I don’t think there’s much shade choices, but pick as close as possible, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

So if you’re short of cash this month, or you’re looking for a replacement to that ridiculously priced concealer you own, this is it! Give it a try. Even if you don’t get on with it, it’s 8 quid. Better than £20 on something that you’re unsure of!! Let me know your thoughts, because I think this is brilliant. It’s just an easy option for a lazy makeup day!


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