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Lush Mask of Magnaminty

When I first bought this, I got the small 125g pot for £5.50. Then I realised I loved it, so bought this 315g pot for £9.75! So worth it.

The reason I chose this mask to begin with, was the fact that it is self preserving. I love Lush’s fresh masks – especially cosmetic catastrophe – more than life, but the fact they only live for 3 weeks, killed me! I then used it, and it is now, by far, my fave face mask ever! The peppermint oil makes your skin feel so awake, especially in the mornings! As their all individually made, my first mask was major peppermint overload, which I loved! This large pot however, seems to be a little more toned down! Not as much peppermint! But still makes my skin feel amazing!


I also have a hair treatment going on in this photo, I’m not greasy! So I apply a thick layer over my face, focusing on my cheek area myself. I leave around 10-15 mins and then gently wipe off with a face cloth. It leaves your skin feeling so smooth and moisturised! It takes a lot of redness out of it also. I use this nearly every other day, I put it on before I wash my hair, and then wipe away at the end of my shower!

If you’re having trouble with your skin, try mask of magnaminty. This bad boy will reduce  your redness, and if you’re currently feeling like spot central, this will zap them away and make sure they don’t come back! Or if you just want a snazzy green face mask, that’ll wake your skin up, this would be it! Let me know your thoughts, and if you’ve had any problems, because all I see is the best face mask ever!


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