September Favourites 2015


Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! I hope you’ve been enjoying my YouTube videos (find them all here!), it’s been a busy September – and continues! Keep an eye out for my brow routine coming up Tuesday!

But for now, I thought I’d update y’all on what I’ve been loving this September!


So I’ll start with a non-makeup product! I first heard about this on Kaushal Beauty’s YouTube page (here!), I think it was one of her favourite videos too actually! I’ve always been an aerosol anti-perspirant gal – and always use men’s deodorant as I always found women’s deodorant’s weren’t strong enough! I’m an abso clean freak – the slightest feeling of sweatiness and I feel like I need to shower! I used to shower 3/4 times a day! I gave this a try after she mentioned how dry she felt all day after using this. Honestly, this has been a huge game changer for me! This will keep you dry through the most stressful of days! It has a light, fresh scent (refreshing, after using guy’s sprays for years!), and even after a long day, there isn’t even a whiff of sweat! I am obsessed with this, and it’s all I use now! It costs about a fiver, but lasts approx a month. If you struggle with feeling uncomfortable or too sweaty – give Sure a try, you will be amazed!


I mentioned this in an earlier Lush Collection I filmed back in August (here!) I bought Skindrink moisturiser last winter, as I was at my wits end with my dehydrated/extremely dry skin. This abso does the trick! If you’re oily, combination or just normal, this will be too much for your skin I think. But for you dry skin guys & gals – this is heaven! I whipped this back out beginning of September as I wanted to prepare my skin for the colder months a little earlier this year to avoid last years disaster! This has not only hydrated my skin to perfection, it has also reduced my redness and breakouts! My makeup has been applying gorge and is lasting all day! I might start using this all year round. I only use this as a night cream. I think it’s too greasy to be worn under makeup, unless your skin is painfully dry.


Next is Rimmel. I picked this up as I’m still trying to find the perfect primer! This primer is the perfect dupe for This Works In Transit Camera Close up Mask, Moisturiser & Primer – ridiculously long name too, might I add. This Works primer costs £30 – while you can get this for around £7 I believe! It’s exactly the same consistency and results! This has glycerin in – which means your makeup is going to stick to this primer – and it does. Amazingly. When you apply it to your skin, it has a slight tackiness to it, which I quite like. This shows it’s not just disappearing into your skin. I can also say that it does make my makeup last all day long, without separating or anything. An amazing primer! This is perf for all skin types too! I feel it just creates the perfect base! I’ve reached for this more than any other primer the last 3 weeks!


How gorge is this mini brow palette from Maybelline?! I got this in the shade Dark Brown beginning of September. I have honestly been loving this like cray. It’s the perf shade for my brows. It comes with a wax, powder and a highlight shade. Usually the highlight shades are no good at all, but I have actually been using this, as it’s a gorge, subtle, pink sheen! Perfect for day time! I haven’t used the wax at all yet, I don’t like the greasy brow look, and can never get them to look any other way if I use wax! The powder is long wearing too. I can go a good 8 hours without it budging, which is amazing!


This is actually the second pot of gel liner I’ve purchased from Seventeen. The first one dried out before I could fully use it – but that’s the only negative. These cost £3.99 – a bargain. It’s so easy to work with, glides on so nicely, and is the blackest of blacks! This doesn’t transfer onto your eyelids either, which I struggle with! Since I picked up my replacement in August, I have not stopped using it!


Lastly is Maybelline’s matte colour sensational lipstick in Divine Wine. As soon as I saw this shade, I had to get it! It’s a gorge dark berry shade, perf for Autumn! And it smells amazing! Like sweet vanilla. You do have to take your time with application with this lipstick, it can go patchy if you don’t apply it evenly and thickly. This has been my go to lip colour this month, and I am loving it! It has an amazing lasting power for a drug store lip product.

My next ‘fall’ lip colour I’ve got my eye on is Urban Decay’s Blackmail – let me know if you’ve tried it! It could be in my next faves!

These are my September faves – keep your eyes peeled for my Birchbox unboxing this month – these months are flying by! Don’t forget to subscribe here and on my YouTube channel too, so you don’t miss anything!


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