Sanctuary Spa Green Smoothie Re-Charge Mask – Review

I got this absolute bargain from TK Maxx, it was £4.99! It’s normally around £12 online etc. I was drawn to it because it contains Vitamin C! Love! So you’re supposed to apply a generous layer 1-2 times per week & leave on for up to 15 minutes. It didn’t tingle or burn when I… Continue reading Sanctuary Spa Green Smoothie Re-Charge Mask – Review


Bright & Clear Solution – AlumierMD

Another AlumierMD product that I've been using for around 4-5 months! Alex, my skincare expert recommended this from when I first met her, but I only got round to adding it to my collection just after christmas. The bottle is sleek & white like the rest of their packaging & the pump actually twists to… Continue reading Bright & Clear Solution – AlumierMD

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AHA’s vs BHA’s

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with using acids in my skincare routine. It sounds uncomfortable & scary, but it couldn't be further from it! Used correctly & with a little knowledge, you could up your skincare routine and & see huge differences to your uneven skin tone, texture, hydration levels,… Continue reading AHA’s vs BHA’s