Lunakai Gummy Vitamins

Lunakai Gummies very kindly sent me a selection of their vitamin gummies to try out, so I thought I’d do a breakdown and review of these – spoiler: they’re so freaking yummy!

The first ones I was super excited for were the B12 gummies. Now the benefits of B12 are boosted energy, strengthens your immune system & generally all round helps with hair, skin & nails too! Who doesn’t want these benefits?! They come in a gorge citrus flavour & contain 125,000% of your daily vitamin needs of B12. Did you know that whatever B12 your body doesn’t need, you just expel through urine?!

We start producing 1% less collagen every year from just the age of 20, how insane is that? Collagen is key in keeping the elasticity in your skin (less wrinkles!), and also good for joint pain! There is no recommended intake for collagen, but it is an amazing supplement to add to your day, you can definitely start to see stronger hair & nails by taking this too! Highly recommend!

I think these are genius – if any pregnant person is like the majority of us, nausea & generally feeling bleh in the first trimester means taking pills just makes it feel worse! I’d always gag when trying to take my pre-natals, so a gummy is perfect to chew on! These contain all the vitamins and minerals you need in pregnancy, especially the all important folic acid!

These gummies smell & taste amazing! A mini pina colada vitamin haha! Vitamin D is what your body naturally absorbs from the sun. If you live in a miserable weather country (hello from the UK!), or it’s winter where you are, I’d definitely recommend taking these daily! They’ll improve your mood, help with bones and muscles & great for the immune system. Find them here!

Did you guys knows that vitamin C is amazing at aiding the absorption of iron! So all y’all anaemic friends, make sure you take vitamin c alongside your high iron diets/vitamins! Vitamin C is full of anti-oxidants, great for keeping those coughs and colds away, and also helps with memory!

Honestly guys, I’m so impressed with this brand, their vitamins taste amazing, they’re vegan, gluten free, soy free & only packed with organic ingredients too!

Click here to find them – get your orders in, they also do bulk discounts, even though their prices are already reasonable which is great!

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