Collagen Essence Sheet Mask – TK Maxx

I thought I’d do a quick review on these bad boys! You might have seen this brand in your local TK Maxx – I know some people are apprehensive of buying unknown skincare from TK Maxx, but I’ve dabbled quite a bit and never had a horror story yet!

Collagen is what keeps your skin from going saggy and wrinkly basically! It can plump up your skin. Did you know that from your early 20’s your collagen production drops by 1% every year. Every year. Hand me that Botox needle!

Taking collagen in an oral form I.e. tablets, tonics etc, hasn’t really shown much effects to boosting its production. Applying topical treatments such as retinol however, does promote collagen production! I love retinol! Using vitamin C also protects your skin and collagen production as it fights free radicals that can cause damage.

Anyway, back onto these sheet masks… obviously I know that using these masks isn’t going to miraculously boost my collagen production or change my life over night. But they are insanely hydrating, really calming and super affordable! You get 10 masks in a box I think they’re priced somewhere between £4.99-6.99 which is amazing!

They really leave my skin feeling plump, hydrated and soothed! I love using these on days that my skin feels a little tight or sore!

Within this brand too, keep an eye out for their snail essence masks – those are also brilliant!

I’d recommend these sheet masks for any skin type! If you suffer with sensitive skin but feel you’re missing out on a masking frenzy, I’d definitely try these! I feel like they’re soft enough even for y’all! The scent kind of reminds me of The Body Shops vitamin E range! Such a comforting scent I think!

So next time you’re in TK Maxx (post lockdown obvs…), keep a beady eye out for these! They’re a bargain and now you know they’re safe to slap on your swede too!

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