Ray Skincare Sonic Facial Cleanser Pod

I came across this brand on Instagram, how cool does this cleansing pod look?!

This pod costs £60 & comes with 2 brush heads, 1 silicone head & a USB charger for the pod itself. I thought that wasn’t a bad price for this set – it’s kind of like a Clarisonic & Foreo all in one!

Cleansing tools are said to be 6 times more effective than just using your hands alone! I double cleanse my skin, so I’d use the tool on my second cleanse with a water based cleanser. Sonic cleansing can also boost the absorption of skincare products by 61%!

This cleansing pod comes with 4 different pulsing motions, just press the button each time to change to a different one or hold it down to turn it off. The 4 different motions are mild cleansing, deep cleansing, gentle massaging or deep massaging. I tend to just stick to the first mode as I find that’s just enough pressure.

The heads each come with their own lids too for hygienic travel! I was never a fan of the Clarisonic, I found it too rough for my skin, so truth be told, I very rarely reach for the bristle heads. To be fair with this though, these bristles are ultra soft! They didn’t make my skin red or inflamed when I used them & they cleaned quite easily.

The silicone head is my absolute favourite, firstly because of hygiene reasons – obviously it’s a lot harder/nigh on impossible for bacteria to build up on silicone, which is great! It’s a lot easier to clean & I find it’s super soft on my skin & really gets a lather going with my cleansers!

When you turn this pod on, it vibrates for 4 lots of 15 second intervals & then turns itself off – this is so you know how long to do each cheek, chin & forehead! I love this feature – it actually makes you cleanse for a decent amount of time!

I love the shape of this cleansing pod too – it’s super easy to hold & grip, especially with water & slippery cleansers! I think this would be great for anyone who had a disability related to their hands or grip too – much easier to hold than a Foreo!

As you might know, I’m a ride or die Foreo fan, so I was sceptical when this arrived in the post, but I think I’m converted… it’s great that it comes with different head choices, it’s amazing for people with gripping problems & looks super pretty in my bathroom! The price point is bloody amazing too! A Foreo can cost you anything up to £160, whereas this will cost £60 with multiple pressures & heads!

You can find it here – Ray Skincare actually very kindly gifted me this, but with no obligation to write up a review – I was just super impressed with the quality & price point, so I had to go in depth rather than just a demo video!

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