Prai Ageless Throat & Décolletage Cream – Review

I’ve been meaning to use a neck/chest cream for a couple years now – I mean, if I’m going to look after my face really well, I don’t want a saggy neck & chest do I?! I’ve never really come across one that stood out, but I’d seen this pop up quite a few times over my search & then I had an advert pop on Facebook saying Prai were doing 15ml sample pots for free on their website, it was just £3.99 for shipping! So I took advantage of that offer…

So it comes as a white cream, it’s got a very slight jelly feel to it, but it is a cream for sure. It feels light & fluffy & the smell is to die for. I’m not kidding! I feel like this would be a love or hate scent as it personally reminds me of my nan using her face creams when I was younger! It’s got a reminiscent oils of ulay (remember that?!) scent to it & it feels so comforting every time I use it!

I’ve been a bit lazy here… But here’s a screen shot of their website about what it claims to do…

All the ingredients sound amazing! I was super excited to try.

You’re supposed to use only a pea size amount for your chest & neck – then to smooth in upwards motions towards your chin. It felt like a mini massage doing this morning & evening – literally like I was helping my neck fight gravity!

I’d seen a few reviews of people complaining that they couldn’t get past the fact that it pilled on their skin – basically that means the product balled up on the skin when massaging it in etc.

I didn’t experience this once during the first two weeks of using it – my makeup also sat amazingly on top of it too!

I experienced pilling once. I knew at once what was wrong – I’d been using a little more than a pea sized amount when applying as my skin was extremely dehydrated there, so the next time I used it, I just used less product & got no pilling at all! So just be careful how much you use, as I get along just fine with it now!

So here’s a before & after of my skin. I think this is about 3 weeks difference.

Honestly – I’m in love. You can see all the texture on my neck has smoother out & my chest even looks healthy & hydrated! I’ve really noticed a difference & I hope by continuing to use it I can also reduce the look of the lines on my neck too!

I’ve actually fallen in love with it so much, I’ve already bought a full size version before my sample has run out! I think I’ve found my holy grail neck/chest cream & I’m so happy!


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