Oh K! Activating Bubble Sheet Mask – Review

Oh K! literally do the best & prettiest packaging in the world right?!

This mask is a black sheet – very thick! The formula reacts with oxygen & creates bubbles on the sheet. It’s supposed to gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it smooth & soft! It contains willow bark extract which is a natural form of salicylic acid – this is great for cleaning out your pores! Cinnamon bark & soy bean give the skin a glow.

I did a little close up here. As soon as I took the mask out, I could feel it was saturated in product – I haven’t been disappointed by any of their masks so far with this. It fit amazingly on my face too – I have a pea head & it never flapped off or slipped at all!

You are supposed to leave the mask on your face for no longer than 15 minutes maximum & then rinse off with warm water. Throughout the 15 minutes the bubbles appearing did give a pleasant tingling feeling on my skin! It did feel like it was cleaning out my pores etc!

Once taken off & rinsed, my skin did feel silky smooth! I was super impressed! Looks-wise, nothing really changed, but my skin did feel nice & hydrated to touch!

I was really impressed with this mask – I’d definitely purchase it again, it’d be gorge to use the evening or morning before an event because of the silky-smooth feeling it leaves – makeup application would be flawless!

This would also be great if your skin is on the more sensitive side! It’s not strong at all, it would be a lush, soft exfoliation on tender skin!

Let me know if you’ve tried this at all & what you thought of it?!

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