Fresh Beauty Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream – Review

I’ve really got into the great habit of applying eye cream day and night since lockdown began – I’m so proud of myself! I’ve previously reviewed Fresh Beauty’s Lotus Youth Eye Cream here!

This pot cost £34 & I ordered it from Cult Beauty.

It claims to retain hydration & moisture for up to 30 hours! It contains hyaluronic acid – famous for its hydrating properties! It also contains Bambara groundnut extract which is also a moisture booster. There is also rose water & cucumber which both soothe & refresh!

The consistency is gel-like as the title gives away! However it does have a slight creamy feel to it too. It’s got a nice, refreshing scent to it as well!

When I first started using this, it was still summer & I was still suffering with hay fever – mainly my eyes being itchy, sore & watering. My eyelids were also purple, it was so painful! I started using this both morning & evening & within 2/3 days my eyelids had calmed down & no longer looked puffy & purple! It felt so soothing on my skin!

Similar to the Lotus Eye Cream, it really keeps the fine lines at bay too! It sits well under makeup – it soaks in virtually instantly! It’s one of the few eye creams/gels that I can use on my lids too without any aggravation!

It hasn’t done anything for my dark circles – mine are pretty bad! But I didn’t expect it too – the Lotus Youth didn’t either! I have resigned myself to the fact that these dark circles aren’t going anywhere & to try & treat what I can, such as my fine lines!

I definitely recommend this eye gel – especially if you suffer with allergies/hay fever. It’s super hydrating & calming! If you suffer with really dry skin, I’m not sure this would be enough for you, I’d definitely try the Lotus Youth instead!

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