Wishful Chin Lift Sheet Mask – Review

I got this sheet mask as a freebie in one of my orders that contained the buyers edit gift from Cult Beauty! It’s normally £8 per sheet mask, although there’s currently 20% off it on Cult!

This mask intrigued me since it was released – I am obsessed with the fact that I have a double chin/saggy chin!

This contains peppermint oil to reduce redness & tighten up the skin, niacinamide & peptides.

The material on this sheet mask is made of something similar to athletics tape so it mimics the elasticity of the skin. The other side of it is smooth & holds all the goodness & ingredients! It’s a dry mask – when I first saw this, seeing that it hooked round your ears gave me the heebie jeebies – I thought it’d be a soggy, wet mask! But alas, it’s dry as a bone thank goodness!

You can really feel the pulling sensation when you first put it on. I could feel the cooling sensation of the peppermint too! It felt quite relaxing! The instructions say to leave it on for 20-30 minutes, so I kept it on for the full half hour!

I was super excited to take this off! I thought my saggy-ness would be instantly gone! Turns out, nothing visible really happened… my skin didn’t really look any different. It felt a little tighter, but that’s about it! I think if I used this 2-3 times per week, I might get tighter, more visible results! But at £8 a time, it’s an expensive ‘treatment’ for sure!

I wanted this to work so bad! Especially the cooling effect of the peppermint! But I doubt I’d buy it again, unless Huda releases a value pack of them!


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