Sanctuary Spa Green Smoothie Re-Charge Mask – Review

I got this absolute bargain from TK Maxx, it was £4.99! It’s normally around £12 online etc. I was drawn to it because it contains Vitamin C! Love!

So you’re supposed to apply a generous layer 1-2 times per week & leave on for up to 15 minutes. It didn’t tingle or burn when I had it on.

It contains spirulina to help eliminate toxins, spinach & vitamin C to add glow to your skin & also cucumber – this is great for de-puffing! There’s also avocado to moisturise the skin. It’s a proper smoothie! Vitamin C also helps to fight free-radicals on the skin – these are responsible for speeding up the ageing process!

The texture is gel-like with a little bit of a jelly feel to it. I loved the look this gives my skin after I use it. It really calms my redness & does give me a lush glow! I’d actually recommend using this before a night out, just before you apply makeup, just for the gorge glow & ultra-smooth skin!

I would 100% pay full price for this face mask too actually! If I couldn’t find it in TK Maxx again, I’d for sure order it online! I’d definitely recommend this for any skin type too!


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