Avon Clay Mask & Serum for Feet – Review


Honestly y’all, who doesn’t love Avon?! I bought these 2 months ago from the catalogue, they were an absolute bargain – about £2.75 each.

I’ll run through the foot mask first. So this mask is clay based with a lavender scent. It’s not too thick, it’s super easy to spread. You are supposed to smear a generous layer of this gorge scented stuff all over your feet & leave until it’s dried out – which is around 15 minutes. The texture looks like this:

A cute lilac shade! It really feels like a mini spa experience when you put this on. It can get messy when you apply it, so have a towel to hand just in case! It felt really cooling & soothing on my feet & dried really well all over. When I washed it off in the shower, my feet felt silky smooth! Even the rough parts of my heels! I don’t have really bad skin on my feet, so I wasn’t fighting a losing battle to begin with, but if you hate the feel of pumice stones etc on your feet, definitely give this a try – it’s definitely a softer alternative. My skin looked even & smooth visibly as well.

The next thing I bought was this Pineapple & Tea Tree foot serum. This stood out to me because it’s a serum rather than a moisturiser or balm. I hate slimy or sticky foot creams, so I was hoping this would be a game changer. The enzymes in pineapple too help break down dead skin, also a winner!

Obviously, I don’t need to tell y’all that this smells to die for! It’s a medium thickness consistency & the tea tree isn’t too overpowering! I love massaging this into my feet – the added Vitamin E gives me extra hydration, but the serum sinks in pretty much right away! I didn’t need to put socks over my feet at all! It does reduce the visibility of my dry patches on my heels & using this straight after the mask is amazing!

I’d definitely recommend both of these products, firstly because they are an absolute steal! Secondly – they actually do the job! The clay mask is an amazing treat & the serum ensures my feet stay well looked after too! I use the mask around once every 2-3 weeks & I try to use the serum once or twice a week at least – I do forget a lot though! But feet can’t be forgotten about!

Let me know if y’all have tried either of these, or if you’ve got a holy grail foot product you can’t live without.


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