Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation with Different Primers

I’ve had the Huda Beauty foundation for a couple weeks now, so I thought I’d try it out with all the primers I own to find the best match! Let me know what primer y’all use if you wear the Faux Filter foundation.

A bit of background on the Faux Filter foundation – it’s a full, full coverage, no fucking around! It dries quite quickly in my opinion, so possibly dry skin types might struggle with it, might also settle into flaky skin etc.

When I tried these out, I kept everything else the same, except the primers. I used them on work days, set it all with RCMA setting powder & Urban Decay Up All Night setting spray.

MILK hydro primer

So I bought the Milk Hydro Grip Primer at the same time as the foundation. I’d seen rave reviews about it online, so I went for the smaller size to begin with just in case. Anyone who has used this, do you also think it smells like a spot treatment?! I’m sure I’ve been prescribed something that smells exactly like this! Not unpleasant, but does smell medical! I was really impressed with this pairing. It kept the foundation in place all day. I had some slight separating on my chin, but nothing crazy – I talk a lot in my job, so I do put it down to this. I had some slight shine at the end of the day, but nothing I couldn’t blot away. I’d rate this 9/10 for compatibility!


Benefit Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer

I really liked this primer with my MAC Studio Fix foundation, so I had really high hopes for this. When I applied the foundation over, it sat so nicely, my pores were blurred & I was buzzing for the day. By the end of the day, it had completely separated on my skin & fallen apart. It looked absolutely awful! 2/10 for this one.


I love this primer – even on its own for a no makeup day, it smoothes everything out. With this foundation, they did not go well together at all. It caused the foundation to sink into my pores – even on my forehead! I’ve never had that! I didn’t realise my pores could even be visible on my forehead, they’re normally practically invisible! It didn’t set well either, I accidentally caught my cheek with my nail halfway through the day & it just smeared off! 2/10.


Makeup forever step one primer

I’ve used this primer on & offer for around 3/4 years – obviously different tubes! I always buy the redness correcting one, so it has a green tint to it when you rub it in. This one stayed absolutely perfect on my nose, cheeks & forehead all day! I had barely any shine & my redness & pores stayed under control! I had slight separation on my chin, but again I was chatting away in work etc. I was super impressed with this – I always under value this primer, I need to stop forgetting it exists! 9/10.


benefit porefessional primer

I never really rate this primer usually. I find it feels slimy on my skin – if you’ve used this, I hope you know what I mean! It can feel quite heavy, but it does smooth everything out amazingly! This was insane! I had little to no hopes with this primer when I put it on for the day. At the end of the day, I’d had no movement whatsoever, not even on my chin. I had a little shine, but it just looked like a nice glow! 10/10 – hapus iawn!


NYX Bare with me jelly primer

This primer is super hydrating, even with combination skin, I love the feel of this primer. It feels super cooling on the skin. The foundation sat really well on this one – I found it the easiest to blend out when using this primer too. I had no break up or separation using this one again. I had a little more shine than I would have liked, but it didn’t budge my makeup – it was probably the hydration of the primer paired with my combination skin. 8/10 – at least it didn’t separate!


Becca Zero Pigment foundation

I know, I know. This is technically pairing 2 foundations together. The Becca Zero Pigment foundation I reviewed here & if you’ve watched my first impression, you’ll know it did little to nothing to my skin as a foundation – I don’t know why I was so shocked. So I have been using it as a primer with my MAC Studio Fix, but it’s not a super thick foundation so it works quite well! I should have known this was a disaster in the making. Normally whenever I wear foundation, whether it’s sheer or the fullest coverage ever, I never ‘feel’ it on my skin – it never bothers me. This felt so freaking cakey all day long! It didn’t really sit properly from the beginning, but I perservered. By the end of the day, there wasn’t one part of my face that wasn’t patchy. I was aware of it on my face from morning to evening, it felt uncomfortable! I think because the Becca Zero Pigment is quite a thick formula, pairing it with the equally thick formula of the Faux Filter just didn’t work at all. 1/10.


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