Farmacy Honey Potion Face Mask – Review

farmacy honey potion face mask

I bought this from Cult Beauty when they had the spend £150 for a free gift offer on. It was £36 & I’d been putting it in & removing it from my basket daily for about a month before I had the good excuse to buy it!

farmacy honey potion face mask

So obviously, the first thing that caught my eye was the luxury packaging! It’s shaped like a honey comb & the lid is a wooden effect that is magnetised to keep the metal spatula with it – how amazing! It’s a glass jar too, so easily recyclable, although I don’t think I’m going to want to throw the jar out!

So this mask is advertised as suitable for all skin types, but especially those with dry skin. As you all know, I have combination skin, but I love to use something hydrating & rich on my days off from active ingredients or acids. The main ingredient is obviously honey – there are endless benefits to using honey on your skin. It helps balance bacteria on the skin & also speeds up the skin cell healing process – great for those with acne or scarring or even dark spots. Another great ingredient is propolis – another product produced by bees. Propolis is an antiseptic & is anti-inflammatory, so will reduce redness & again, fight acne. Farmacy actually have their own farm where they source their Echinacea GreenEnvy honey.

farmacy honey potion face mask

So the texture of this mask is quite thick – very honey-like. Except without the stickiness. It’s quite a silky feel to it instead. You are supposed to scoop out a generous lump of it using the metal spatula & then massage it into your skin, being careful to avoid the eye & lip area. When you massage it in, it turns into white creamy texture & warms up on the skin. This is completely weird – & please let me know if you agree – but the scent of this is literally bonfire smoke?! Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the scent of it, but I did not expect a smoky scent!

PS – they are also right about avoiding the eye & lip area – I accidentally got some on my top lip when I first tried it & my upper lip burnt like fuck for about 2 hours afterwards! It wasn’t swollen or red, just irritated!

I freaking love this mask! It feels like a proper luxury spa treatment – I have limited using this to only once per week – I’d use it everyday if I could. It really leaves my skin feeling super smooth & silky. It calms down any spots on my face if I have any lurking & really soothes my redness too.

Farmacy also do a Honey Drop Moisturiser which I bet would work a dream in conjunction with this – definitely on my wish list!

I’d recommend this mask 100%. It’s definitely a splurge at £36, but worth every penny for a more luxurious pamper night for sure!


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