Skin Sapiens – Brand Review

I found Skin Sapiens (best name ever) whilst scrolling through Instagram one evening – their name caught my eye obviously (Sapiens is the latin word for ‘wise’)!

I took a look through their website & was fully invested immediately. The way they shared their ingredients with such transparency really impressed me – you literally know what you’re putting on your skin.

Despite my enthusiasm, I did take it slow & only order 2 products, I didn’t want to be bitterly disappointed!

The first thing I chose was a cleanser. I am an absolute cleanser whore, so I obviously had to try it. Just look at the back of it. The ingredients are clearly stated, it’s sustainability & even the recyclability of the packaging.

This cleanser is a clear liquid. Emphasis on the liquid – it is extremely runny & took me by surprise, so you have been warned! I used this as my second cleanse after removing my makeup with an oil based cleanser. When I applied this to my skin, my heart immediately dropped. It smelt soapy. Soapy is not good for skin. It means dryness & stripping of essential oil on your skins surface. Still, I carried on massaging it in as I had to give it a chance. It foamed up amazingly & worked well with my Foreo cleanser.

As I rinsed it off, I held my breath for that tight, squeaky clean feeling that is not good for your skin at all…. I was mistaken! This cleanser not only removed the dregs of any leftover makeup, it hydrated my skin & left it feeling silky smooth! I have never been more relieved or shocked in my life!

The next item I chose was a lip balm. I love having a lip balm on my bedside table & apply this every evening. It has a slight gritty feel to it, but not unpleasant. It has an angled applicator to it, so it’s easy to apply to lips. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the taste. As it isn’t scented etc, it obviously just had the ingredients taste to it. It’s not the worst & definitely a plus if you hate anything fruity/perfumed.

This stood out to me as it contains olive oil & avocado oil in it. Again, the ingredients are broken down amazingly. If you go to their website, they give even more info on the ingredients! It leaves my lips feeling soft the next morning & a few scaly parts of my lips have now vanished. A very, very thin layer has also made a great base for my matte lipsticks too!

I definitely recommend you taking a look at their website, especially if you suffer with sensitive skin. They make it super easy to check out the ingredients if you do have any allergies!

I managed to snaffle a code off them too for 10% off a first order – TRYME10 – it isn’t affiliated or sponsored, they just kindly gave it to me to share with y’all!


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