Avon Planet Spa Bath & Shower Oil – Review

I got this as a Christmas present off my Mum last year – I was quite excited to try it out, I liked the idea of moisturising whilst in the shower, it’d save me some time as I wouldn’t have to moisturise when getting out!

I went online to check how to actually use this as it didn’t have much information on the bottle. I know the title is pretty obvious, but I wanted to double check! You can add it directly to a bath or apply on skin in the shower. It only costs £5 though! Absolute bargain!

This oil has a coconut & sandalwood scent – it’s not overpowering, but it is a lovely scent! It’s a very liquidy oil. I’ve tried this a few ways. I’ve tried it directly in the bath – not too bad, although I did slip & slide around quite a bit! I’ve also tried massaging in in whilst in the shower just after using body wash. My skin did feel super soft after using this to be fair – I didn’t feel slimy or oily afterwards too, which was a bonus!

The best way I found though was to rub some on my legs after using body wash whilst in the shower like I just mentioned, however using it as a shave oil! My legs have never felt so soft after shaving! I didn’t get any shaving rash or bumps either!

I’d definitely recommend this as a shaving oil – especially if you have sensitive skin, this is extremely soothing! I wouldn’t recommend so much in the bath, but that’s just my personal preference!

Have you used this before or anything similar? I’d love to see this in different fragrances, especially lavender or a fruity scent!

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