Dots for Spots – Review

dots for spots

I purchased these in very weird circumstances last week…My husband had just added my email to his Amazon account so I could benefit from Prime (deadly move…) & I went on my app to check it had worked & these popped up as a suggestion for me. I added them to my bag, purchased & voila – they arrived with free delivery the next day! So a very random buy…

So I bought the pack of 24 ‘dots’ for £5.99. I thought this was a bargain to begin with! They’re translucent dots, hygienically sealed in 2 packs of 12. Very easy to travel with as well – they’d take up little to no space!

The instructions for these Dots for Spots say to cleanse your face & pat dry the area you want to apply the dot. I did things slightly different – I cleansed & applied the rest of my night time routine & then went over the area with a little cleanser & dried it off. I thought that would be easier than trying to manoeuvre my creams around it. You then pop a dot onto the spot – preferably if it has come to a head in the instructions – & then leave on for a minimum of 6 hours or overnight!

The only ingredient listed is hydrocolloid – this acts as a sealed, moist barrier to dry up & draw out any pus, impurities etc from the spot. If you are a fiend for picking spots, this also acts as a deterrent for you bad people!

dots for spots

Excuse my shiny face – I’d just applied some retinol to my skin! This is what the patches look like on the skin – I did apply 2 as there was a small one brewing next to the more visible monster. I thought they blended amazingly & was pretty pleased with them until my husband walked in from work, looked at me & said, ‘what the fuck have you got stuck to your forehead?’ So maybe I won’t wear them to work during the day…

dots for spots before and after

These are my results after 1 night…What the fuuuuuck?! How amazing?! I’d have definitely picked that in normal circumstances. It was super tender when I applied it the night before & when I woke up the next morning, there was no soreness at all, it was still a little red as you can see, but the swelling had gone down immensely & it was a hell of a lot easier to cover with makeup!

The white that appears on the patch is so satisfying too! It didn’t hurt to peel it off & it didn’t damage my skin either!

I’d definitely recommend these – I wouldn’t necessarily use these on every spot that crops up, but for those stubborn or large spots, I’d definitely keep some in my bathroom cabinet just in case! It also stopped me trying to have a squeeze too – an added bonus for sure!

3 thoughts on “Dots for Spots – Review”

    1. I’m so glad they’ve helped! I’ll have to take a look at those ones! But yes, these ones are super thin, I bet you could even powder over them to wear throughout the day! Definitely give them a try!

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