Nivea Body Mousse – Review

nivea body mousse wild raspberry and white tea

I bought this around 8-9 months ago when I popped into Boots for something else. I’m sure it must have been on offer or by the counter as it probably wouldn’t have caught my eye otherwise! It says limited edition on the lid, but I just checked & this fragrance is still available in Superdrug – it’s £3.99. This scent is lush too – it’s really refreshing & not overpowering if you don’t like strong scents in your moisturiser.

nivea body mousse wild raspberry and white tea

This interested me as it was an aerosol can & the consistency is literally a mousse! How weird for a body moisturiser! It’s extremely light & fluffy in texture. The front of the can says it is for dry skin & it does contain silk extract too!

I absolutely love applying this to my legs – it’s soothing, hydrating & I’m not exaggerating when I say it sinks in almost instantly! It leaves no sticky residue. My skin just feels silky smooth!

I wouldn’t agree with it being directed towards people with dry skin. Simply because it doesn’t feel hydrating enough if you do suffer with this.

The way I use this is as an ’emergency’ moisturiser. If I put on an outfit in the morning & my legs are out – I’ll apply this before going out, especially if they’re looking a little scaly – normally when I’ve forgotten to moisturise the night before!

I don’t have to wait around after applying this, I can just put it on & go. It smells fresh & really smoothes my legs out! Winner!

I’d definitely recommend this as an ‘on the go’ moisturiser, but not as a daily hydrating one, simply because there are other ones out that that will give a lot more moisture to your skin.

Have you tried this one before?!


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